Friday, September 11, 2009


Beyond the Stream....

Build interest with SHORT video segments....
GPB Site- Search for topic-- teacher created materials come up also. Narrow down search on the left side filter. Editable allows you to change the video. Most important thing is to DOWNLOAD and save videos to network, not stream. (too many things could go worng when you stream).
Power Point or Movie Maker- choose Media Player as format type
Mac- choose Quick Time as format for download
Citations-- are already available for each movie. Just pop into notes on flip chart, etc.- cover yourself.
Insert videos into Power Point- Insert> movie> find file. Play automatically or when clicked. Make the slide show play, click it, it plays. Make sure volume is on. Images, Sound Effects, etc. are all available on Discovery ed.

United Streaming Notes part 2-

Hall Davidson- Discovery Educator [part 2]
  • for a small fee- it will send you transcripts of all your phone calls! call jott, can get transcripts of twitter messages, anything! 12.95 per month.
  • micro blogs- lets you organize
  • G Cast (90 per year) You get an 800 number, if you call it your voice is automatically on the web. Can give to students- have them interview people, etc.- all posted online
  • Post any picture-- let kids post comments about anything online

United Streaming Discovery Ed Notes...

These are my general notes-- I will edit later!
GPB Site-
Web 2.0 Info will be on the site- come and go! Always changing
Wordle .net- go to a site with text on it and make a picture of most commonly used words
http://DiscoveryEd/ has handouts
Social Media- some blocked/ some unblocked. Skype unblocked….?
Sign up for GPB E-Newsletter sdennis3, hceadmin
Google Translate- view web in Spanish can route all your numbers to your cell phone.
Google Images- Cool iris (firefox add-on)
Cool Iris click on hall’s face, handouts- whole presentation is online.