Thursday, August 30, 2012

jailbreak 101

I am not responsible for any loss of warranty or other issues that may arise from jailbreaking a device!
jailbreak 101 notes- August 2012

plug in phone, download Absinthe 2.0
cydia app appears
-app store for jailbroken apps
wifi hotspot pdanet tethering
grooveshark is for music
update files- take defaults
sections for themes games etc
safari download manager download files like you would on computer
features on iphone we want that we don't have- can add lots!
such as....

  • flash -
  • intelliscreen x - multiple pages on notification center (rss, websites, etc.)9.99
  • frash - flash imitation
  • skyfire- flash
  • ifile- transfer between apps
  • widgets- full cal, system toggles, ram usage, free up ram, etc
  • plug phone in to more than one - multitunes, musik,
  •  youtubetomp3- pull audio from video in youtube for songs
  • dashboard x- notification center

worst case scenario- button combo completely wipes out device :
home and off button for 10 sec, release power button, press home button again.

turn into a gameboy- through cidia - called
nintendo 64 and playstation

installus- app looks like app store GUI for accessing apps. torrents file sharing peer to peer- can steal apps

can't use facetime over 3g?
3g unrestricted- facetime anywhere
download larger apps also

themes jailbreak
winterboard- custom icons you can swap with others


multitasking apps-
cardswitcher- swipe through apps, pull down to close app, click to return to home

change any buttons and their function

mimics windowing on macs- multiple windows. click and resize windows.

swipe select
slide keyboard, highlight with shift key

control ipad using keyboard- set commands  - Keystroke combos, etc.

speed intensifier

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Online Excel Courses from Udemy on sale for 35.00 until August 16, 2012

I signed up for an "Amazon Local" deal today- two online Excel courses for 35.00.  The courses are offered through the website Udemy:

I admit I need to brush up on my Excel- so I thought the two courses would be a great way to do this-- for 35.00 I get one Beginner/Intermediate, and one Advanced course that I will have access to indefinitely.
I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Here' the link to the deal- it expires next Thursday, August 16, 2012-  I believe.
Here's some fine print:
What You Need to Know
• Buy as many as you like • Each voucher is valid for 2 online Excel courses; 1 beginner/intermediate and 1 advanced • Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions • System requirements can be found on the Udemy website • Available for use immediately after purchase • The amount paid for the voucher expires 5 years from the purchase date, except that the amount paid for the voucher does not expire in CA, CT, FL, ME, MA, MN, MT, NH, ND, OR, RI, WA. The remaining promotional value of the voucher above what you paid for it will expire on September 30, 2013

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Create a Classroom Library!

This blog provides printables, tips, guidelines, and a way to interact with others who are setting up a classroom library. Even veteran teachers might get a few great tips or inspiration here!

Sample post about labels--

Google Doc QR Code Template

Give this a try- very cool! Tammy Worcester's QR Code Google Doc Template!

Notebooks and Journals in the Media Rich Classroom

Presented by Patti Duncan- Discovery Education

Today's student learns best when exposed to multiple modes of text. Helping them get all of the information they need from videos, images, reading passages, songs and interactive experiences can be a daunting task. Interactive notebooks, graphic organizers and reflective journals help them make the connections necessary to succeed. This session will explore the use of these tools and more.

We need to change the way students take notes - Make it more creative and visual! 

Hold students accountable for info in video, not just worksheet to follow up video

Notebooks - text, diagrams, reflection, interpreting concept
All student notebooks should look differently 
Visual learners need space to process information

One type of journal
left side - student processing, "output"
right side - teacher-directed, "input"

Examples of student output
- summary
- word splat
- flow chars
- bullet info, take concept and put it in concise statement, if you can explain concept in writing then proves understanding

outcome sentences….
- I learned
- I am surprised
- I wonder
- I now understand
- I rediscovered
- I like
- I don't like
- The one important thing

Drawings and diagrams can fit input and output
Input - copied from book, lots of labels
Output - student has analyzed content

Foldables - great for stages, sequence
ex. phases of moon
instead of glue and cutting, can use post its
venn diagram foldable - turns from two dimensional to three

Show video and tell students you will want them to record what they remember, no notes during video
recall, listening

Agree/disagree reading strategy
prior to reading - agree/disagree, what is there reason for your answer
after reading - agree/disagree, what is the evidence for your answer
**Strategy can help science teachers build reading into curriculum

5E - students explore before teachers explain, letting students figure it out on their own first

Recognizing a mistake shows understanding

Problems with worksheets - students do minimum to answer worksheet