Thursday, August 30, 2012

jailbreak 101

I am not responsible for any loss of warranty or other issues that may arise from jailbreaking a device!
jailbreak 101 notes- August 2012

plug in phone, download Absinthe 2.0
cydia app appears
-app store for jailbroken apps
wifi hotspot pdanet tethering
grooveshark is for music
update files- take defaults
sections for themes games etc
safari download manager download files like you would on computer
features on iphone we want that we don't have- can add lots!
such as....

  • flash -
  • intelliscreen x - multiple pages on notification center (rss, websites, etc.)9.99
  • frash - flash imitation
  • skyfire- flash
  • ifile- transfer between apps
  • widgets- full cal, system toggles, ram usage, free up ram, etc
  • plug phone in to more than one - multitunes, musik,
  •  youtubetomp3- pull audio from video in youtube for songs
  • dashboard x- notification center

worst case scenario- button combo completely wipes out device :
home and off button for 10 sec, release power button, press home button again.

turn into a gameboy- through cidia - called
nintendo 64 and playstation

installus- app looks like app store GUI for accessing apps. torrents file sharing peer to peer- can steal apps

can't use facetime over 3g?
3g unrestricted- facetime anywhere
download larger apps also

themes jailbreak
winterboard- custom icons you can swap with others


multitasking apps-
cardswitcher- swipe through apps, pull down to close app, click to return to home

change any buttons and their function

mimics windowing on macs- multiple windows. click and resize windows.

swipe select
slide keyboard, highlight with shift key

control ipad using keyboard- set commands  - Keystroke combos, etc.

speed intensifier

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