Thursday, March 23, 2017

Adobe Gone Mobile

Leslie Fisher taught this great class -- June 2016: Handout
To really use the mobile Adobe apps- you need an Adobe ID free

4 parts of Photoshop are broken out into 4 apps
plus sign on left for new project
Photoshop Sketch
Can send file as a vector image to illustrator (.eps)
 Adobe Spark Video
Can export and share the video
Has great prompts in the placeholders to guide students
Can also record in screencastomatic to avoid using cloud space

Adobe Spark Post
Create Memes
Adobe post, page, video:  entirely web based
My Projects (access everything here you have created)

Adobe Illustrator draw
allows you to draw Vector images- upload files as .eps

Adobe Spark Page
Turn a story into a visual story
Create a web story for travel or a field trip
High end photos but it does not create a video

Adobe Capture App
Adobe Color Capture - matches colors for future projects
Swatches command: can design on desktop and access your swatches
makes pen drawing

Note- cool tip:
ipad- w/ a Mac- regular USB cable
Quicktime player: File> New Movie Recording> Drop down next to record button> ipad
Switch audio from ipad also