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This is one of the greatest sites I saw this year- called "Save the Words". It lets individuals or your class select a word that is about to become extinct in English, "adopt" it, and pledge to use it more often so it doesn't become extinct.
Give it a try! The little words even yell "pick me! pick me!" when you hold your mouse over them.

Picks from the Apps Store-ipod touch and iphone apps by Tony Vincent

Do so much with an i-pod touch: - ipod touch applications and iphone apps
Notes for this session at GaETC:

Handhelds like the ipod touch and the iphone are great collaboration tools. Portable, multi-media, ultra-cool, good battery life, etc.
Apps are what make ipod touch awesome.
30 games, 100 apps per day are added.
Education apps are 5th largest category.
6,607 education apps available right now.
Average price 2.78 per app.

Apps selected by Tony Vincent:

  1. Name Tag Generator
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Quickword
  5. Free Word Warp
  6. Inflation
  7. Comic Touch
  8. Strip Designer
  9. Ali's Jigsaw Puzzle
  10. Oregon Trail
  11. Math Drills
  12. Make Num Lite
  13. Lemonade Stand
  14. Number Line
  15. Fling (free)
  16. Flipbook
    1. Fish Example
    2. Food Chain Example
  17. HandDBase
  18. Random Activity Generator
  19. Babelshot
Notes: Whiteboard- draw right onto the screen, interact with someone else and draw at the same time.


  1. Learning in Hand: iPod touch
  2. Palm OS App Growth vs. iPhone OS App Growth
  3. App Store Statistics
  4. Podcast by Email with Posterous
  5. Headphone mics & cases cheap at
  6. iTunes Account Without a Credit Card
  7. Vote on Education Apps:
  8. JeopardyLabs works on iPod touch! Try the iPod trivia board at
  9. iPod touch Tips and Tricks
  10. Tony's Delicious bookmarks tagged ipodtouch
  11. Learning in Hand: iPods Podcast
  13. Email:

Online Quizzes- Tony Vincent

Create Online Quizzes

  • ProProfs - Create a scored quiz or personality test.
  • MyStudiyo - Make quizzes to put on your website or blog.
  • Yacapaca - Online quiz making service for teachers and students.
  • Mobile Study - Create quizzes for mobile devices.
  • Class Marker - Quiz site designed for giving graded tests.
  • Quiz Star - More advanced quizzing site with full statistics.

Host Game Shows in your classroom- Tony Vincent

Jeopardy Labs Game Board from our really hard game show.

Who Wants to Be a Winner in the classroom

Who Want to Be a Winner is even more fun when the lights are out and the disco ball is on.

You can find PowerPoint templates for popular game shows online, like Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Many of these templates even come with music and sound effects or you can add your own. Download free templates from the PowerPoint Games and Classroom Game Templates pages. If you don't have PowerPoint, there's JeopardyLabs, where you input your questions and play online in your web browser.

Winner Logo

Classroom game shows are bound to engage students. They are great when teachers do the hosting, but students could certainly prepare the show and host it. The most time-consuming part is coming up with questions when you are using pre-made templates. Often, students learn the most when they are the ones writing the questions.

Want music? Find great stuff at FreePlay Music. Also, there's

Free Technology For Teachers (Tony Vincent)



Co-Create Rubrics with your students (Tony Vincent)

Co-create Rubrics for Projects

I've been in classrooms where students were working on projects and did not know what was expected to be in the final product. It's no wonder these students aren't as engaged in their work because they don't have well-defined standards for what they are creating. Sometimes the evaluation guidelines are a surprise to students--the first time they see a project's scoring guide is when the teacher hands back a rubric with their final grade. I'm not proposing that teachers spell out every little detail of a student's final product; room for variation and originality is a must. Good rubrics can spell out clear product standards while leaving flexibility for creativity and personalization.

I like to do two things before students begin working on a project. First, as a class we evaluate example final products. The Internet is full of examples and I can probably find products similar to the one I'm about to assign. I prefer to use examples from the web so that we can be critical of the product without knowing the person who created it. There are times when I used products from previous classes I taught, but it isn't very nice for the class to be very critical of someone-you-might-know's project. I've also been known to make my own example products. Sometimes I make exceptionally good examples. Other times I create examples that need improvement.


After examining products similar to what I'm assigning, it's time to create a rubric that contains clear standards. My students and I develop the rubric together. I open a template on my computer and throw it on a projector in front of the class. I have a pretty good idea of what the rubric should contain, and I add student suggestions. I especially use student input when deciding how much importance to give each standard. When students help design how they are going to be evaluated, they feel more ownership of the process. They also more clearly understand the the goals of the product since they were a part of creating them.

Once the rubric is finalized, I print it so each student has a copy. I ask students to get out their copies each time we have work time on the project to remind them of the standards we agreed upon. I've also found it useful for students to score their product and a buddy's product a few days before the final product is due. This way they can spot specific areas to improve before I do my final grading using the same rubric.

Here are some websites to help in rubric development:

How to Create Talking Cartoons

From Tony Vincent:

There are lots of places online where visitors can sync their voices to an image with a moving mouth. It might seem kind of silly at first, but talking pictures can be a great way for students to share what they've learned.

Insert a talking picture on a wiki:

  1. Copy the embed code.
  2. Click Edit on the wiki page.
  3. Put your cursor where you want the video.
  4. Click Insert Plugin and then HTML/Gadgets. Then choose HTML/Javascript.
  5. Paste the code.
  6. Click the button to allow Javascript.
  7. Click Preview.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Save.

Tony Vincent ( 21 ways to reach 21st century learners

Web 2.0-
short clips are more effective than an entire video.
How to cheat on a test- online videos
How to make your school paper longer

CHEAT= Children Hate Everything About Tests
  1. Bring YouTube into the classroom
  2. Contribute virtual sticky notes
  3. Use wikis
  4. Collect data using a shared spreadsheet
  5. Bookmark, organize, and annotate webpages
  6. Engage students with the coolest sites the web has to offer
  7. Collaborate on a document
  8. Connect to the world through Skype
  9. Host game shows
  10. Create online quizzes
  11. Record podcasts
  12. Make comic strips
  13. Co-create rubrics
  14. Design an online poster
  15. Create zooming presentations
  16. Assign roving reporters
  17. Have Pecha Kucha presentations
  18. Have fun with images
  19. Create talking cartoons
  20. Create hip slide shows
  21. Give choice of end products

1. Bring You Tube into the Classroom- download the video. Google search "how to download you tube" (add kick to beginning of you tube video- you select format, download, save, put on cd, dvd, ipod, etc.). Working on the Work- Schlechty: Qualities that affect engagement. 8 qualities - tied in to web 2.0 sites.
  • Affiliation- Products are made that are useful to others.
2. Contribute Virtual Sticky Notes: ;
3. Use Wikis- all 21 ways to engage students!
4. Collect Data using a Google Spreadsheet

Tips and Tricks for Tech- Connie Whiteside, Lakeview Academy

Most watched video on you tube- the evolution dance.
Voice thread- storytelling, research, voicethread4education. free for k-12 schools. subscription is 1 dollar per student.
living biography exhibit- great way to showcase this.
summer reading lists on voicethread, book reviews.
Moodle- set up for teachers to post items
Glogster- online poster web site
Jing- new teacher orientations, repeated topics, 5 minute limit. pro version 14.95
www.teachweb2 Teach 2 Web- strengths, weaknesses, pooprtunities, threats are all listed for each site.
cwhitetech1- there are things a teacher will use on you tube- Zamzar, Media Converter, You Tube EDU for tachers (or teacher tube). Quiet Tube- plug in (free) to only show the video from you tube- not junk on sides of screen.
COmmon Sense Media- great place for reviews for parents and faculty.
Rock You
Tech Tumbler
Movie MAker
Ning- totally private social networking site
Planet Festo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great Web Sites you can use with your Activboard!!

Interactive web sites are perfect for activboards--
Wiki with all these sites is located at

SITES WORTH LOOKING AT-- befuddlr- choose an image to befuddle, superkids- games like scrabble, connect the dots, etc., national geographic- jigsaw puzzle generator, social studies- (has advertisement now)- State tetris MAPMSG, Scribble Maps-- by Google, Ben's Interactive Games, Infinity- America on the move,


Job Voyager

Interactive Simulations

NY Times

More Magnetic Poetry


Save the Words

Fun Brain

The Teacher's Guide



Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society


All My Faves


National Geographic ~ Infinite Photograph

Tag Galaxy



National Geographic ~ puzzles



Scribble Maps

Free Poverty

Eternal Egypt




The White House

National Geographic Kids

Ben's Interactive Games


Spelling City

Punctuation Campground

Kids' Kits Online

Build a Sentence

Free Rice




Room 108

Storyline Online

Story Recount

Read Write Think







Science, Optics & You

Smithsonian's National Zoo

Utah Education Network




Cells Alive

Apples 4 The Teachers

Lone Start College

It's Elemental


Java applets on Physics

HHM1 - Cool Science


The Heart

Energy Challenge

Balance Diet

Sugar Stacks


A Lifetime of Color

Inside Art

Museum of Web Art


Sketch & Paint


Mr. Picasso Head

National Gallery of Art Washington


One Motion

Arts Alive

PBS Kids

Classics for Kids

Birmingham Grid for Learning

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Pauly's Playhouse

Sphinx Kids




Think Bank

Pageflakes ~ IWB Resources

Teacher LED

Teachers Love SMART Boards


SMART Exchange

Promethean Planet


Leslie Fisher- Gadgets and web 2.0

This session discusses interesting hardware and software gadgets which make life easier and more fun.
  1. - makes one web page with all your travel iteneraries - send email to from your signed up email address. Can sahre info with others- grant people access to your account and can print master itenerary. iphone app available also.
  2. - online reviews of the top business all over the country. type in your address and it will search for food closest to you.
  3. microblogging- up to 140 characters. lets you search the entire twitterverse. organize who you are following in logical groups. (free) Eventbox- (Mac only)- twitter/RSS/Face Book, etc into single display - 15.00-
  4. twittervision- a real time timeline of tweets
  5. twitpic- upload photos to twitter
  6. (iphone only for now)- record and post an audio file complete w/ GPS and Photo-- (like blabberize)
  7. www.momentile- limited to one photo per day - invite only unless you purchase app 4.99
  8. - call toll free number and it sends a text to you of your voicemail- 4.00 for 10 minutes
  9. online to-do list
  10. Evernote-- grab anything-- web app, pc app, blackberry app, etc.- scan in notes, phone camera, etc.- searchable and readable online
  11. set up free account and post videos live as they happen. record presentation at conferences, sick students, plays, sporting events, lessons, etc. - kitty cam, puppy cam
  12. Mac people-- will yell "STOLEN" on stolen computer, transmit IP and router info secretly, dims screen.
  13. Affordable clip art- Nova Development 199.00
  14. royalty free clip art- by week, month, or year
  15. (great illustrations) , photos are a dollar each
  16. Powershot SD990 IS- needs image stabilization- 14.7 Megapixel 6Xoptical, Image stabil, 640x480, scene and program modes, intelligent auto, $399.00, smile detection
  17. San Disc Extreme III- or Extreme I- best photo card you can use- Never hook camera directly to computer- use card reader- Lexar and SanDisk are leaders
  18. favorite photo service
  19. HD TV- from computer-- (iTV for mac)- 129.99
  20. Soundsticks II for mAc and XP
  21. Sling Box- put in home theater- iphone app lets you watch shows on iphone $199.00- lets you watch your own TV from any remote location
  22. switch to Zinc-- - computer becomes portal for video streaming services- National Geographic for Kids streaming video, etc.
  23. Netflix Roku- can get all of the netflix watch nows on your TV- 99.00 for Roku

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

IGNITE! LEARNING- appealing to 21st century learners

contact info Michael Whalen- to get folder with handouts, flip chart, lesson plans, etc.
What interests students?
  • Digital interactive media
  • Project-Based learning
  • Collaboration and social interaction

Ideas for using Activ Expressions

Software available for activ Expressions was shown-- some game show type formats, racing game for answering questions, etc. Engaging items. Need to find out if any of it is free....
Robert Powell Publications, UK.

Keynote Session GA ETC 2009 Micheal Horn: Disrupting Class- How Disruptive Innovation will Change the Way the World Learns