Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leslie Fisher- Gadgets and web 2.0

This session discusses interesting hardware and software gadgets which make life easier and more fun.
  1. - makes one web page with all your travel iteneraries - send email to from your signed up email address. Can sahre info with others- grant people access to your account and can print master itenerary. iphone app available also.
  2. - online reviews of the top business all over the country. type in your address and it will search for food closest to you.
  3. microblogging- up to 140 characters. lets you search the entire twitterverse. organize who you are following in logical groups. (free) Eventbox- (Mac only)- twitter/RSS/Face Book, etc into single display - 15.00-
  4. twittervision- a real time timeline of tweets
  5. twitpic- upload photos to twitter
  6. (iphone only for now)- record and post an audio file complete w/ GPS and Photo-- (like blabberize)
  7. www.momentile- limited to one photo per day - invite only unless you purchase app 4.99
  8. - call toll free number and it sends a text to you of your voicemail- 4.00 for 10 minutes
  9. online to-do list
  10. Evernote-- grab anything-- web app, pc app, blackberry app, etc.- scan in notes, phone camera, etc.- searchable and readable online
  11. set up free account and post videos live as they happen. record presentation at conferences, sick students, plays, sporting events, lessons, etc. - kitty cam, puppy cam
  12. Mac people-- will yell "STOLEN" on stolen computer, transmit IP and router info secretly, dims screen.
  13. Affordable clip art- Nova Development 199.00
  14. royalty free clip art- by week, month, or year
  15. (great illustrations) , photos are a dollar each
  16. Powershot SD990 IS- needs image stabilization- 14.7 Megapixel 6Xoptical, Image stabil, 640x480, scene and program modes, intelligent auto, $399.00, smile detection
  17. San Disc Extreme III- or Extreme I- best photo card you can use- Never hook camera directly to computer- use card reader- Lexar and SanDisk are leaders
  18. favorite photo service
  19. HD TV- from computer-- (iTV for mac)- 129.99
  20. Soundsticks II for mAc and XP
  21. Sling Box- put in home theater- iphone app lets you watch shows on iphone $199.00- lets you watch your own TV from any remote location
  22. switch to Zinc-- - computer becomes portal for video streaming services- National Geographic for Kids streaming video, etc.
  23. Netflix Roku- can get all of the netflix watch nows on your TV- 99.00 for Roku