Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blendspace for Easy Virtual Lesson Organization

Attended a great session at #DENVirtcon 2014 in @FultonCoSchools about Blendspace:
Free version
or paid version

Simple steps to get started: 
  1. Create a free Account in Blendspace 
  2. Create a lesson
  3. Choose a theme
  4. Preview resources
  5. Add to your canvas by dragging and dropping into your lesson
  6. Embed in Edmodo (using app in Edmodo) or on a website
  7. Blendspace gallery- copy and take into your own account, edit, etc.
  8. Print a nice page of resources with URLS for technology centers, menus,  absent students or remediation
  9. Idea- go ahead and make Tile 1 = standards (use Text box) Tile 2 = essential questions 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Goobric and Doctopus - if you haven't heard of them you will soon!

Goobric is an add-on idea as an answer to rubric assessing for teachers/students who use Google made by 3rd party 'New Visions for Public Schools'...Rubrics are attached directly to docs and returned to students with their work.

Doctopus is a document and project management add-on in Google Drive. 

These add-on programs (and many others) are continually being improved- start checking out the tutorials others have shared:

Sample how-to video: