Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher is a free collection of random sounds, theme songs, and other random sound clips.  Each sound can be tweeted easily with one click. The sounds are not school-appropriate, but adults could spend hours searching and playing fun clips.  (you've been warned!)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Heart of the School: Media Center Blog from the U.K.

I stumbled upon a great Library blog from the U.K. today:

I especially love the book awards section which can really help with collection development and new title discoveries. 
Printable Version: 

National Book Awards
Bailey’s Women’s Prize for FictionPreviously the Orange Prize
Blue Peter Book AwardFiction and non fiction categories
BookTrust Best Book Award Voted for by children.  Shortlists in March, Winners in July
Branford Boase AwardOutstanding debut novel for children.  Shortlist in May, Award in July
Carnegie and Greenaway AwardsShortlist in March, Awards in June.  Official Shadowing site.
CityRead LondonLondonwide reading event, one adult and one children’s book.  Launched in April
CLPE Poetry AwardUK Award for published poetry for children. Shortlist in May, winner in July
Costa Book Awards Children’s and Adult categories. Shortlists in November, winners announced in January
Guardian Children’s Fiction PrizeJudged by children’s authors.
ManBooker AwardShortlist announced in September, Award in October.  Good for sixth form reading groups.
Red House Children’s Book Award Books for all ages voted for entirely by children.
Royal Society Young People’s Book PrizeFor a Science book written for young people.  Shortlist in May, Award in November
SLA Information Book Award All ages, winner announced in Autumn term.  Voted for by children as well
Stan Lee Excelsior Book AwardThe only nationwide book award for graphic novels and manga.  Shortlist in December, Award in June/July
 Waterstones Children’s Book PrizeWinners announced in April

Local (International)  Book Awards
Red Dot Book AwardsInitiative of International School Libraries in Singapore.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blendspace for Easy Virtual Lesson Organization

Attended a great session at #DENVirtcon 2014 in @FultonCoSchools about Blendspace:
Free version
or paid version

Simple steps to get started: 
  1. Create a free Account in Blendspace 
  2. Create a lesson
  3. Choose a theme
  4. Preview resources
  5. Add to your canvas by dragging and dropping into your lesson
  6. Embed in Edmodo (using app in Edmodo) or on a website
  7. Blendspace gallery- copy and take into your own account, edit, etc.
  8. Print a nice page of resources with URLS for technology centers, menus,  absent students or remediation
  9. Idea- go ahead and make Tile 1 = standards (use Text box) Tile 2 = essential questions 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Goobric and Doctopus - if you haven't heard of them you will soon!

Goobric is an add-on idea as an answer to rubric assessing for teachers/students who use Google made by 3rd party 'New Visions for Public Schools'...Rubrics are attached directly to docs and returned to students with their work.

Doctopus is a document and project management add-on in Google Drive. 

These add-on programs (and many others) are continually being improved- start checking out the tutorials others have shared:

Sample how-to video:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Georgia Book Award Nominees Announced for 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 Georgia Children's Picture Storybook Book Award nominee list is here- the list even correlates with curriculum!

Check out the complete list, and read some great nominees so you may send in your vote next year.

(BONUS: Activity Kit for Mr. Tiger is here)

I use Follett Titlewave to order the complete list each Spring.  I also add the titles to our Summer Reading list so my students will read enough to qualify to vote next year!
(Coming soon- I'll post the Book Nominee list for grades 4-8 and ages 10/11 up!)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Google Graveyard

Leave a virtual flower on the grave of your favorite deceased Google products.

Google regularly kills off things we grow to love. It's just part of their creative process that we have to learn to accept. But that doesn't mean we can't grieve.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Voicethread in Spanish Language Classes

An oldie but goodie- Voicethread!
My Spanish teacher needed to upload Power Point shows and narrate them online for her students.  Our solution- Voicethread!

Voicethread How-Tos

Here's a sample of her project- SUPER simple to upload, record voice, and share the URL.

There is also a free app for using VT on an iPhone or iPad.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

#GAGAFE 2014 Google Apps Closing Keynote

Molly Schroeder -Closing Keynote: Moonshot Thinking. 
Be ready for failure and you'll be successful. Improve on what you do in your classroom by creating an environment where it is ok to fail. 

PROJECT LOON- Google's vision for Internet access for all.

An incomplete manifesto for growth.
Capture some accidents next week. Don't get frustrated. we will write one single idea that has changed me this weekend. 

The 20% project: All Google employees get to create a project of their choosing... A passion project... Using 20% of their time. 

Allow events to change you. 

Turn the worksheet over. There's a blank space on the back! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 reasons I NEED #GoogleGlass NOW!

Google Glass: #ineedthisnow
Today I learned how Glass works, and got details on the features, functions, and limitations of Glass. I learned where Glass is moving in the future. Why do educators need to know about it? What are the implications of such technology? I determined I NEED it.  Now. 

Here are 10 reasons I need Google Glass!!
- I can get real-time VOICE activated driving directions.  If you know me, you'll know this is critical.
- I can make videos for my students, co-workers, friends, and family demonstrating how to do all the the things around the house I do... like setting up my Google Chromecast, connecting wireless TV receivers, installing printer drivers, etc.  (side note: This will come in handy when I go to summer workshops like #DENSI2014 or any other event and I'm not around to troubleshoot my family's tech issues!)
- I can document all the things I learn quickly and efficiently
- I can update social media more frequently
-I can translate foreign languages
- I can improve my sports abilities
- I can use Apps to help my quality of life improve (such as in the kitchen!)
- I can record myself traveling and share with others
- I can model lessons for other librarians
- I can read books and share stories by sending videos to You Tube

Sign up to be a Glass Explorer-  or just cross your fingers that they'll pick me.  Soon!

Check out this classroom application-
#ifkidshadglass #GAGAFE #googleglass

#GAGAFE 10 Ways to Drive Google Apps Adoption at Your School

#GAGAFE Georgia Google Apps for Education Summit 2014:
 10 Ways to Drive Google Apps Adoption at Your School- Peter Henrie

  • 1. Plan your adoption and set milestones (example: everyone upload one Power Point file into Google Apps per month)
  • 2. Track usage with Reports (Admin console> Reports> Drive & Docs> hover over graph)
  • 3. Curriculum Focused PD: Transform Current Lessons with GAFE- not use technology for technology's sake
  • 4. Synergyse Google Apps Training: Use Synergyse Google Apps Training- a fee-based service-- it is  interactive, low cost- 10.00 per staff member per year & students are free, online, current & up-to-date training ... when Google changes the training always stays up to date.)
  • 5. Prepare a Rich Template Gallery (Create> Document> File> From Template.. to submit your own, click "submit template" on top right.  In your Admin console you can create your own template gallery for your district.)
  • 6. Identify Administrative Use Cases (Calendar- shared calendar for reserving rooms or resources), Groups ("Google Groups" previous conversations archived, shared mailboxes, discussion groups), Sites (including internal staff portal), Drive (- document repository, data gathering with forms)
  • 7.  Highlight useful 3rd Party Apps
  • 8. Remove Obstacles: Do not give anyone an excuse to not use the new system
  • 9. Teacher Dashboard-- It communicates with your LMS (4.00 per student or 6.00 per student with remote control ~real time observation of tasks~ push out websites to a class~ management factor.  Makes digital classroom safer, easier to set up/use/manage/reset passwords... need a browser policy to only use Chrome browser not firefox or safari)
  • 10. Lead by Example (Don't attach Word Docs, use Google Calendar, what Chrome Extensions do you use regularly?)

#GAGAFE -Getting Started with Google Apps

Georgia Google Apps for Education Summit 2014:
The Google in Education Southern Summit is all weekend at The Lovett School in Atlanta.  I'll post a few interesting findings over the next couple of days.

Getting Started with Google Apps- w/ speaker Chris Craft-
We are trying to get Google Apps set up for our students to use in conjunction with Edmodo in our 1:1 iPad initiative.

My main takeaways:

Google Apps for Business= $
Google Apps for Education= FREE

You get 30 gig free space w/ Google Apps for Education account (combined mail + docs)- however-- if you create an item in Google is DOES NOT COUNT toward your space!

Use Google Hangouts to archive parent conferences in a private environment on You Tube.  The conferences are easier for busy parents to attend, and you have a video record of the discussion.

DOCTOPUS:  deploy documents to your students all at once- a spreadsheet is also created with links to each student's document.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Google Sites for e-portfolios-- purchase domain for each child with their name at the end of senior year so they have a complete personal portfolio to take with them. type in any language with new chrome keyboard add-in on top right

Comments in Docs: File Revision history for writing process, highlight text > insert> comment

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Speaking at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta!

Join me in person at ISTE 2014- I am presenting with my colleague and parter in crime Selena Ward- aka The Tech Tiger. 
Our session is called 'Baby Got Back- Engage all Students with Backchanneling'

The session will be MONDAY at 10:45. 
We hope to meet some of our blog followers in person!