Monday, November 10, 2008

Screencast-O-Matic easy-to-use screen capture program that does not require any install (but you must have Java) and exports as MOV format

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tut Pup-- Math competition online

This is a British site that is free- and allows students to play online math games (called Maths in the UK)...

About us

Our aim is to provide simple, fun, competitive games that help children learn and gain confidence with Maths, English and other key skills and knowledge.

  • is owned by Tutpup, you can contact us by email.
  • Our focus is on helping children gain confidence and mastery of basic educational skills.
  • We don't aim to replace teachers, schools or parents, but we do think that children can learn while playing fun games against other children from all over the world.
  • Tutpup is free for any child to use and children can only participate with their parent or guardian's approval.
  • We collect only the minimum amount of information necessary to run the site and strive to exceed the highest standards of privacy and data protection.

Hard Working Worker Bee

Hard Working Worker Bee
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This is the photo I just uploaded to my blog in about 5 seconds after I linked my Flickr account to my blog.

Posting a picture in your Blog....

Here is how I posted this picture in my Blog:
  1. I went to Flickr and logged in (you need a free yahoo account first at
  2. I configured Flicker to post photos to this blog (a blogger blog which I had previously created)- Which I must say was easier than I thought- somehow Flickr knew what my blog was called.... I clicked 'Head over to Google now' and followed the directions on the screen
  3. I searched for a photo, clicked the photo.
  4. I clicked BLOG THIS above the photo, I clicked on my blog which appeared on the screen, typed in my text - Clicked Post- and it was on my blog in 5 seconds.


Another great tip from Tammy Worcester...

Great MS Office, IE, and Firefox Shortcuts from Tammy Worcester:

Microsoft Office Shortcuts

  1. BulletComplete list: 

  1. BulletTammy’s favorites:            
    - Control (Option) drag to duplicate
    - Control (Command) + Shift + > to increase text size
    - Control (Command) + Shift + < to decrease text size
    - Control (Command) + E to center text
    - Control (Command) + R to right-align text
    - Control (Command) + L to left-align text


Firefox Shortcuts 

  1. BulletComplete list: 

  2. BulletTammy’s favorites:            
    - Control (Command) + + to increase text size
    - Control (Command) + - to decrease text size
    - Control (Command) + T for new tab
    - Double click in blank area for new tab
    - Control (Command) +  L to select location bar
    - Control (Command) + Click on link to open in new tab

  3. BulletBookmark keyword shortcuts
    1. View bookmarks
    2. Right click bookmark - choose properties
    3. Enter keyword
    Now you can use the keyword instead of typing the address in the location window.

    Smart Keywords

make your own STICKY NOTES

Click here for this great idea... How could you use this with students?


By Tammy Worcester

Math + Technology = Learning

Great tips in this session by Tammy Worcester for integrating technology into math lessons--

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Presented by Tony Vincent. 
presentation power point is on this site, along with presenter's email address.  Also has podcasts you can subscribe to-- 
This session discussed all the extra things you can do with an ipod to enhance instruction... things I never even thought of!  Beyond simple video and audio uses....

The ipod just turned 7- released in 2001.  Different types if ipods-- the click wheel ipod is the focus of this session.  An ipod is a tiny computer- has a hard drive, memory, etc.   
Tiny ipod nano- 8gb, $150.00.  
  • Audio- use to load music teacher's cds... can shuffle through them so much quicker than changing out cds or scratching them, etc.  In itunes preferences you can go in and in advanced, importing-- choose import and eject CD.  I tunes loads it and ejects it automatically.  Use voice recorder such as an"iTalk" which attaches to bottom of ipod,  (voice memos, start recording- connect to itunes and it will download and allow you to change title)- great for field trips, tours, etc.  CAN THEN EXPORT INTO GARAGE BAND OR AUDACITY.
  •  free site to upload a text file/ document or give it a web address- the system will convert it into audio-- would be GREAT for students to hear their writing read back to them.
  • to find audio and mp3s
  • itunes setup for lyrics or text: Go online, copy text, open mp3 in itunes. .. click file> get info, info tab - click LYRICS tab to paste in the text (lyrics).  Click ARTWORK tab, add jpeg.  sync ipod w/ itunes, go into "music" to hear song and press center button 4 times to see text and follow along (speeches, transcripts, etc.)
  • VIDEO: ipods play video, (he showed 'tom chapin not on the test' movie)  ipos like mpeg4 format- if video will play in itunes but wont on ipod, on advanced menu click "create ipod version" in itunes. (takes a while).  Play videos> movies in ipod- 
  • teachertube  - Mrs. Burke has all sorts of videos (check out area and perimeter- funny!)  To download use is a free service to convert files to mpeg4 then email the link to you to download it.  copy URL, paste, mp4 format is what to convert to., give email address, click convert.  takes about 30 minutes... link good for 24 hours.
  • Can add contacts and calendars to ipod.
  • PHOTOS: Any image-- sight words, power point slides, all can be on ipod as flash cards, comic books, counters- (made in keynote), hundreds chart, (can download from his site free from photos section) Fractions stick- 
  • Spin to Begin- tip calculator w/ bill splitting feature
  • Temperature converter
  • iwriter from talking panda-- a mini SIMPLE web page w/ no pictures
  • ifeedPod free software for RSS feeds-  puts into notes section of ipod
  • Quizzes- iQuiz is 99cents.  Use program on mac that lets you make quizzes... 

Google Tools Tammy Worcester

Tammy Worcester is a national speaker with a wealth of information... This session is about the free tools available in Google.  Online handout for presentation...  - Put these on your 'to do' list-- set up some Google preferences...
  • iGoogle- look for the igoogle link on top right of Google to set yours up.  Select theme- the city theme will change depending on time of day, there are others that change depending on weather.  Add tabs on left.  Widgets/Gadgets.  iGoogle- you set up your page to look th The top right will say "add stuff"- click to add things.
  • - Create new Blog- Easy! Free! FAST!  How could you use blogs in your classroom?  You can also post to your blog in iGoogle- you don't have to go to your blog page at all.  You can also post to your blog from email- custom options> settings> email.  Can publish immediately or save as a draft to post later. Send email to the address you set up - students could publish to blogs that way too. Great way to do journal writing, book reviews, etc...  See web site "8 ways to post to blogger"-  Use an embed code for your blog-- load a video, etc.  You can add power points, polls (poll daddy), slide shows of photos, etc etc
  • Google Docs   Add a new document like a word processing document.  You add comments online, students collaborate- great for group work, teacher committees, etc.  (in SHARE area, you can select POST TO BLOG; you can also set up groups who can see your docs...)
  • Google Presentation- like Power Point - in Google Docs- Also has spreadsheet and FORM. When you set up the spreadsheet you can select "share without login" feature- so kids could go in and all enter data into a spreadsheet.  URL will be long-- Use "Tiny URL" to make URL shorter- post to your class web site.  FORMS- feed results into a spreadsheet for you-- Click "Show Analysis" to see spreadsheet and results... Click EMBED  to generate code to embed into blog.
  • Google Notebook- In old days you had index cards w/ info for research papers... can setup notebooks for yourself- "to-do" lists, You can publish any of your items as its own web page which can be published- use tiny url to shorten url.  Can add a widget to open your notebook from any web page-  to take notes for projects, etc  - copy text from sites, open notebook, click "clip" button-- it adds text AND sites the source! Add "comments" under the text you paste.  
  • Google Maps- you can do collaborative google maps... "my Maps" - can create own custom maps.  Distance measurement tools-  can measure distance from and to anywhere.  
  • Student Logins- 4 ideas for student logins: Single generic student login, no individual accountability but you could also purchase a domain name for about 10.00 per year- see instructions on her site, or have tech person set up logins at school for each student, or students use own accounts.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LITTLE HANDS, GREAT REACH presented by Steve Dembo- Discovery Education Network

I've been looking forward to this one all day-- totally for Elementary school.
Entire presentation including power point is found on

  1. Use classroom BLOGS to let parents know what the kids are doing in school... just like this blog. It is as easy as sending an email! Great for communication and publishing work. Stays updated so much easier than class web page- link to the blog from your class web page. Can upload images, movies, etc. easy! Can use FREE: or or (mine is

Web 2.0-- allows us to enhance communication, share, provide classroom newsletters, etc. Answers the question: "What did you do in school today?", connects you with other classrooms, authentic experiences, etc.

New Tools:


bubbleshare image site w/ creative options - (site is gone for now- speaker will post an alternative soon) for blogging buddies- practice writing skills (university of regina)- comment on wiritng, comment on students' blog entries - Animoto: free video making site w/ music (30 second videos). - upload images and add your own text _ can also make virtual "scratch off" images that are like when you scratch off a lottery ticket. - shows map with locations of visitors to your blog!

youtube- banned in many districts-- so try these: Teachertube, ifilm, revver, schooltube, vimeo, jumpcut, eyespot, metacafe... etc. All great for finding resources. - share photos for staff-- blocked on our network... we need to ask about un-blocking. Create free account- sign in, (go to the web site for free photo shop program! Save and share- can choose place to print/ order T shirts w/ your image, etc./ Can send it to a local store like Wal mart to pick up your photos)

Within Flickr-

  • Spell with Flickr (find images of letters- use to practice spelling)
  • create photo memory game: Write a tag-- will go out to flickr and will find photos and create a memory game. Type in a word like "fall" and your concentration game will appear onscreen. Could play on activboard or post to blog- can email the link to yourself of your memory game for centers, etc. also.
  • Big Huge Labs- Flickr toys-- can create motivational posters, signs, etc.
  • Big Huge Labs- Can create their own set of trading cards for any subject (like rainforests, etc.)

voicethread- upload voice and photo projects online- web based or can be downloaded

JING project- great for tutorials to make tutorials and handouts for ITS use or teacher use

Media Converter add on for Firefox

Yackpack- gives HTML code to teacher- -paste onto your site then it opens a portal for communication online (verbal) can click to talk directly to another person-- code is pasted directly onto web site... students could read writing to students in other places for commentary or discussion-- literature groups, discuss how to solve math problems, etc.

Other Resources

Houghton Mifflin-- Science Discovery Education online ;

DEN (Discovery Educator Network) ;

tienetwork by Georgia Public Broadcasting presenter's site

Discovery School: Steve Dembo- Discovery Educator Network

This speaker will have everything posted here: -
This session shared a few interesting resources for teachers and lesson prep--
many web sites that are free and creative for teachers to use when planning lessons. These sites are not really intended for student use…. - great site for intro to lessons - another way for teachers (not students) to create introductions to lessons, catchy quick intros.
-can use your own images as backgrounds or objects
- can add music/voiceovers/sound effects
You can embed the code into a web page to have the intro play on your site. You can also save the files if you have screen capture software.

Live audience polling:
Poll Everywhere site.
1. Ask audience a question
2. They send a text message (SMS) to answer
3. Results appear onscreen automatically
Can sign up for free account- can add premium features for a fee- such as having student names appear when they test answers.
Can embed the polls into power point. - Online Kid Pix type program FREE- can also create movies, etc. no login necessary. You will need to create an account if you need to save your work.
Great for art, writing, etc.

David Warlick- Our Students Our Worlds

OK-- SO I was accidentally sitting in the wrong room when I heard a little bit of this presentation... so I will note it here....
This presentation was about a site where adults can social network- (all handouts from presentation here) (the social networking section)
SL= Second Life – Free social networking for adults. There is a place on this site called Edu Island… for educators to discuss teaching, prof development, etc.
-will be part of the future for media centers

Keynote 2008-- Ron Clark

Ron Clark was the keynote speaker for this year's conference--- his speech was similar to the speech he gave at our pep rally this Fall--
However- He did say that his school is completely sponsored by Promethean- they have all the latest Activboard products, the kids have access to all the day's lessons to view at home (all are recorded) and all students have Dell laptops. They also post some of their projects on You Tube and have received a great deal of feedback for that.