Friday, December 16, 2011

ipad learning site
click a+apps link
apps for learning collections

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ios 5 - new text to voice feature in ibooks

  • An enhanced epub book feature or two...
  • a bookshelf can be created for each 
  • swipe from right to left- click double arrows on bottom right - video plays full screen.
    in itunes "books" section-
  • click enhanced for books with special features.
    tap on text and drag down- tap speak and ipad will read text to you.

Using I Tunes U and Qr codes/ ibooks, etc can choose "ituneslink" after copying and pasting link from any image in itunesU.
att code scanner uses Safari and almost always works.
Cool way to sync to videos.
ibooks app- common core standards
inside itunes- tons of books. free ebooks- also project Gutenberg.
right click the epub link- copy link.
paste in link and make sure it ends in epub. tap open in ibooks.
the periodic table of videos. from itunes.
social studies- put coordinates onto qr code and the kids all land at the same place on a map.
qr - translate items.
qr treasure hunt generator

ipad training - Kennesaw Ed Tech Center

doodlebuddy app
Super Why app- great for preschool
Elements App for chemistry
chapters of a textbook can be downloaded.
iTooch english grade 5
mobile education store sentence builder
spellboard- spelling words
storyboards app
mika (action boox)
essay grader
qbooks: bike ride
math bingo
math bingo
qr code readers
wolfram, hmh fuse, khan academy
teacher observation tool- RANDA solutions (vs ewalk)
itunes U:
gold mine for teachers-- video content you can bring into classroom- free
Open itunes- top menu says itunesU. academic content- state departments / professional content- beyond campus...other entities like museums, etc
cstr physics
Airplay- hooks up Apple Tv to projector - connects to ipad

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to remove EXIF / geographical data from digital photos

For safety (yourself and your family, your students, etc.)-  GPS information can be manually removed from the photo by using web apps or programs.  The attached web app on these links will remove your EXIF data for you.

Facebook Privacy Guide