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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Toolkit

From the UDL Wiki:
"When Congress reauthorized IDEA in 1997, they added the provision that ALL students on IEPs must now be considered for assistive technology. (As Dave Edyburn pointed out, 4 million more students were now eligible to be considered for AT. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 96% of students with disabilities attend schools within their districts which is the high-incidence population.)"

This mandate is often unfunded-- this site provides ideas for resources that are free or inexpensive and available to all educators.

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iTunes Match: Many Apple IDs under one iCloud

Combine your family's music library--even DRM-encumbered purchases

The complete story can be found here:

We hope you will find this story interesting and informative. Macworld, an IDG publication, provides independent, unbiased, reviews, news, and information about technology.

The Arts- Great Books and Inspirations 2011

  • Eric Carle- on You Tube-- Video of how he made his most recent book- The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.
  • Uncle Andy's - about Andy Warhol seen through the eyes of his Nephew.
  • Patti Smith- Just Kids (for adults)
  • Dream Something Big- The Story of the Watts Towers... digging through garbarge for items for artistic towers in California

My Picks-- Great Children's Books 2011 I MUST HAVE!

Text/Images from
If Rocks Could Sing- A Discovered Alphabet- Amazing rocks, found on a stretch of beach near the author's home, comprise this unique alphabet book. A is for Addition, and there are rocks in the shape of real numbers, too. B is for Bird, and there is a bird rock on a nest with an egg. G is for Ghosts, and there is a host of rocks that look like ghosts! Children and adults alike will pore over these fascinating rocks, and will be inspired collect their own.

When ten-year-old Megan helps her uncle invent the Thumbtop, the world’s smallest computer, mice are overjoyed, and they want one for every mouse hole.  ... will captivate today’s computer-savvy middle-graders.

  • Cat the Cat series- Willems- 20 words per book
  • City Dog, Country Frog- Willems (death, loss, friendship)- excellent
  • Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator- Mo Willems
  • Toys Come Home- (prequel to Toys go Out) Jenkins
  • The Phantom Tollbooth- Visiting Decatur Dec. 8 and 9 for "On the Same Page" celebration from Little Shop of Stories!
  •  Tall Story-great read aloud
  •  The Star Maker- Yep-- Chinatown in the 1950s
  • Hidden by Helen Frost (a little frightening) 
  • My Side of the Car- Feiffer's daughter wrote - he illustrated
  • Gifts From the Gods: Ancient Words and Wisdom from Greek and Roman Mythology- Great info.
  • The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman-  By Wolitzer  --  for Scrabble / Boggle Fans

All about Children's Literature! Judy Freeman

Today I will be posting about books, books, and more books.  So what does this have to do with technology?  There are unlimited book connections available online in the area of children's literature-- loads of author websites, etc. that I will also post in links lists on this site- they will be divided by type (publishers sites, author sites, media center sites, etc.). 

I'm at a BER session called "What's New in Children's Literature and Strategies for Using it in Your Program" by Judy Freeman. The Session will explore these categories as well as websites and related materials and instructional ideas:
Language Arts, Arts, PE, Math, Science, S.S., Folklore, Fantasy

To find Judy Freeman's Winners from the past two years- go to, click ESSENTIALS at the top> Expert Picks> Judy Freeman.

Check the "Sites for Media Specialists" list on this blog for more sites I add today.

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Lino It!

Let's Lino It!

Online Sticky Notes - in a community format... fun and eye-catching- and cool, too!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Word Lens

Translates English to Spanish or Spanish to English-- very cool!

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macworld ipad cases article

This story was originally posted at  The Week in iPad Cases: Less is more. The complete story can be found here: We hope you will find this story interesting and informative. Macworld, an IDG publication, provides independent, unbiased, reviews, news, and information about technology.

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patrick crispen's ideas and recommendations 2011

goo - find out if it is used anywhere
Marta kagan's social media presentation 2010
app- zite modern rss
the colour clock
show me app
waze - mapping website
jabberpad - ipad networks virtual whiteboard- up to 4 ipads together
dragon go- app that searches online w verbal commands- free
plants v zombies
my fitness pal media ctr - facebook for weight
screenchomp - moves bookmarks- use edu version - quizzes, etc
class dojo
free technology toolkit for udl in all classrooms
social skills help- mobile education store - one is free and one is small fee
- app updated several times and telling you which apps are free and on sale that day
- stopwatch log- purchasing
- .✌
- gmail for atudents, calendar, set up texting - students subscribe to my calendar and get texts
storiesfromthecloud - young adult stories and books with web 2.0 tool to go along with book
pearltrees- app - graphic web - has great web 2.0 tools
fantastic flying books of moreis lessmore 4.99
chefs feed- where country's best chefs eat
createspace- publish your words your way
color uncovered science app
factor samurai
a novel idea app
techwire- free - news aggregator- tech crunch app
igrader app - slide rule
find my iphone - free app
hidden- protect your macbook
pop my videos - add text to videos
rsa animates
louis dots science app
60 second recap

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birds of a feather with Tony Vincent - ios has notes from this session- which will be people shouting out or posting ideas, apps, questions - dividing the hour into fourths. The session will have this focus

1- new ios tips
copy or speak button now available - text can be read slow or fast. accessibility settings- general - speech selection.
speak auto text is also a feature
new keyboard keyboard undock w keyboard grippy in bottom right
Apostrophes on main keyboard do show if you tap and hold exclamation - just swipe up
tap and hold key for accented letters
tap the word 'reader' at top of screen bywebsites
myth- double click home button for recent apps - is not necessary to quit apps in background to speed up ipad - sleep button does the trick
see tony's website for more mac myths
zoom w camera -
swipe to right to open in notification
accessibility feature general- 4 or 5 fingers etc to zoom- on ipad- double tap with 3 fingers, keep fingers touching screen and scroll up
mirroring works -

2- setup and management for class sets- issues and suggestions
3- accessories
4- apps

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tweeting part 2

tweet topic explorer - visual representation of your tweets
rss and twitter - url shorteners
twitter for mac
embed twitter on webpage so it only shows one tweet at a time on site

twitter mistakes-
following everyone
write useful tweets
do not self promote
proofread before posting
give back if you take

twitpic for sharing photos
twitvid for videos
"follow famous " site
tweet an event separately
survey request- ask to not retweet
do not hurt people's feelings
she follows me/she follows me not
canine twitterer from hammecher schl

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TWITTER- Kathy Shrock

Kathy Shrock is completely chock full of useful information! Check out her site when you have a few hours to spare...
Twitter- (click for complete handout)
Twwets = 140 characters or less- so remember- make your user name short-- it counts!
Twitter vs. Google+ -- the two serve different purposes--
Facebook- personal
LinkedIn- professional
Google+- sort of both-  people are in circles or multiple circles.  The stream is comments / postings of people in your circles.

Add caption

Leslie Fisher's ios support group / App Recommendations 2011

ios 5- Cool new stuff-- 

  • Double tap home button at bottom when screen is locked- camera icon appears
  • Volume button can also take a photo 
  • Home+power is the screen shot feature- picture is placed in photos
  • bring up keyboard- hold down the .com and you get other choices
  • tap your email address if you have 
  • double tap on shift key- turns blue and is locked
  • lock screen orientation w/ 
  • double tap circle button to get list of apps running- tap and hold, escape out of apps that are running in background
  •  double click circle, stop apps from shaking, then slide to left when apps are open in bottom- first one is "lock screen","brightness"., "my ipod"
  • group text messaging with imessage
  • reminders-- to dos location setting-- will remind you of something when you are close to it.
  • icloud- everything syncs together on all your devices
  • swipe the top of your device-  notification center appears
  • can crop photos and enhance
  • custom vibrations
  • hold any word to see a define option
  • bring up keyboard then split your fingers across the middle
  • settings>general> keyboard>international keyboards>Add> Emoji  by topic and release date

Teacher Productivity: 
offers a plugin to Google Calendar and displays your calendar like it would on Google for your iphone.
Leslie uses Spanning Sync to sync calendar w/ Google Calendar.


Adobe Acrobat Reader- finally available
QR Codes- scavenger hunt
 use Red Laser for QR Code Reading
SoundNote- AppTap a place in your notes and audio will play exactly where it should.
Photon- uses servers to deliver Flash content to your device-- Click lightning bolt when you see one- 4.99
Remote Access to your desktop-- 14.99- Jump Desktop- Uses RDP (remote desktop protocol) to log in to mac or pc.  Bluetooth support- full mouse support.

Square Reader- Headphone Port for Credit Cards- uses and App to run the card and approve the amount- fees: 2.5% with card or 3.5% without the card (typing in by hand over the phone).

Google Voice- FREE-
Google TRanslate- voice activated
Mapping Applications- AroundMe
My POI (points of interest)- uses GPS

Sportacular Pro- play by play for a game/ fantasty football
TV Food Maps- all places that have been on TV shows
ADT- set your alarm
Run Pee Mobile- which point of a movie is safe to leave
USAA Bank- take picture of check and it deposits it

ipad time
several textbook publishers have signed deals with ipad
algebra 1 and Geometry fro mHoughton Mifflin
inkling- free app- downloading textbooks- icloud support would be great for this.
  • proloquo 2 go
  • istudiez Pro- lesson plans, etc. and students can put in all assignments/homework/schedule
  • NewsRack- pick from a zillion RSS feeds- add to instaspaper
  • GoodReader
  • Flipboard
  • Zite- a smart magazine for the ipad
  • Toontastic- only 99cents now
  • Iridium Flares
  • imagnify- turns device into magnifying glass
  • mathboard k-6
  • math pro
  • lobster diver- math
  • mitosis
  • the elements- photographical elements- great
  • the solar system
  • reading apps-
  • millyand molly- younger kids
  • danny the dragon meets jimmy- has sign language
  • shakespeare in bits- his work complete with translations, animations, piles of stuff, relationship map
  • brainpop
  • our choice (global warming)
  • national geographic world atlas

NEW Power Point- What's all the Buzz About....??

Office has new features-  here's a link to the Microsoft site with snippets about each product.

Go Sign Me

I'm always looking for an easier way to have our students sign up for Friday Explorations-  I'm looking at this site recommended by Leslie Fisher-- Gosignmeup-- more info. coming soon!

Soapbox, Smalldemons, Storify, Proust web 2.0 similar to Scoopit, but feed in your friends' facebook info  - tells stories about you to leave for the next generation.  Weekly question for you to tell your story.  Video/audio/etc.- chapters of your life....

Remind 101- Text your class or parents

Student Behavior Tracker- Class Dojo (NEW)

Google Voice-- All teachers should have a Google Voice Number!

Wonderopolis- A Wonder a Day!

Schedule Events More Efficiently with Eventbrite- FREE

Google Web Forms

Simple Group Meetings- (149.00 per year)

Google Body Works

Personalized Magazine for ipad-- Zite or

Zite-  Check it out!  Magazines can be set up with educational topics -
Scoop.it also  is awesome!

Google Art Project

Cool Web 2.0 Tools YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT- for 2011 (Leslie Fisher)

  • code in your website so that your posts are automatically sent from your Twitter Account.
  • - you can moderate a room of questions for a rollout/ chat area, etc. 
  •  same as Typepad-- but bought by Google.  Works on ipad. Put meeting outline/agenda or document others need to work on with you and all can share document.  Can import a Word file> can export also to Wordle or other format.  TIMESLIDER allows you to go back in time in case someone deletes an important part, etc.  FREE.

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learning in hand- great apps

SESSION: 63 - Project Based Learning in Hand - mobile devices in the classroom

Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30 PM
Tony Vincent
Salon 5 Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30 PM Capacity: 400
Schools are discovering that handhelds like iPod touch and iPad make great learning tools. In fact, handhelds can play a big part in project-based learning. Not only do projects motivate students because they use exciting mobile technology, but they also lend themselves to student voice and choice. Be inspired to bring project-based learning into your classroom, learn strategies for creating effective driving questions, and see how an iPod touch or iPad can play a role in the the planning, investigation, and presentation of projects.
STRAND: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making AUDIENCE: General Interest TYPE: Concurrent

Handouts and information -

Project Based Learning -
- Collaboration
- Communication
- Critical Thinking
- Real-world reasons
- Extended period of time
- Answer a driving question
- Share with others what they have learned

Ideas and Apps to make this happen with Mobile Devices -

- Rubrics ahead of time -
Save the file as a pdf and then add to iBooks on the mobile devices.

- Good Reader App - $4.99 - holds pdf's but also allows you to write on them to take notes or highlight.

- Sonic Pics App - $2.99 - Mobile video editing with still pictures and audio

- Idea Sketch - FREE - mind mapping app for mobile devices. Much like Inspiration.

- Evernote - Free, but accounts need to be created for each student. This will sync to their account and can be accesses from the internet,

- Atomic Web Browser Lite - Free - will allow tab browsing on iPod Touch and iPhone. iOS 5 will allow this to happen with iPad already

- Strip Designer - $2.99 - to create comic strips on iPad, will create pdfs

- Comic Life - $4.99 - works very much like the computer version which our kids are farmiliar with already.

There is a free version as well, but with the paid version you can make any photo or picture a puppet to use.

- Songify - FREE - Creates a song from anything you read and record


- Voice Memos - iPod Touch and iPhone, built in to the iOS

Today's Meet -
Create a back channel for your class to send ideas, questions and more! Easy and FREE

Have you ever thought of using Amazon for a book review project???
What a great real-world experience for students! The entire world will see the review and it may even help them decide if they want to buy the book.

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ipad cases-- what's hot and what's not...and what's strange....

This is my own post about ideas for ipad cases.   Yes- you MUST have a case of some sort on your ipad if you plan to use it.  Basically you can go for practical, safe, stylish, or functional with a keyboard of flashcard feature.  Some cases combine more than one area.

DoDo Case-- "Protects Your ipad from Extinction"

I love the Evernote Peek case that instantly turns notes into Flash Cards:

 My son recommends the Clamcase-- he is a college student and is probably not super kind to his ipad- and this case is sturdy.

 Super protection but sort of over-sized. interesting items:

You Tube Your Way!

Presented by Angela McDurmon
Instructional Tech Specialist
Gaetc wiki has links to all presentations. Need to join wiki.

Presentation Links

YouTube Channels Page

Places to Collect YouTube Videos Online



YouTube - Your own Channel

Safe Video Directories



Software for Saving Videos

RealPlayer Download

Debut Download - There is a link to the free version in the "Get it Free!" paragraph.

Online Tools for Trimming Videos

Snip, Snip

Convert and Download Videos


Video Converters




Video Players

VLC Player


Create Videos Online


Video Hosts


Session Call Outs - Below are tips from the session participants

(They reminded me of some great tips to share!)

Use RealPlayer files in SMART Notebook
- Caveat this makes large files

Use the Mozilla Firefox Plugin called YouTube Downloader to download videos.

Picasa - Upload videos and convert or shrink image files

Zamzar - Read carefully when downloading videos to make sure you click the right thing.

Safety Mode in YouTube - Turn on to hide comments and filter some content.

YouTube - Music Replacement feature available when you upload a video or need to change the music in an uploaded video
- Whatever sound is replaced is lost

AnyVideoConverter - If you have old version do not update because the update will cause it to not to convert the complete video.

My notes from this session:

You tube math channels
You tube channels- anyone can have a channel if they have a gmail account.
XoaX. Net math lessons
Filtering YouTube. - some districts have
access to YouTube. You tube reviews around good content is an issue.
Ideas for filtering:
- freeze image on projector screen
- launch video in full screen mode
- create own YouTube channel with your favorites on your site. Comments are controlled. upload kids' content or your content to your channel.
Clean iboss search? Does not mean safe- filter did not work at times.
VuSafe- free but some ads, have to login. Search for YouTube vids by keyword, etc.
WatchKnowLearn- wiki and directory- free!
Neo k-12- free - directory of movies, games, lessons, etc. lots of extras.
Saving, trimming, converting you tube videos:
Save and convert videos with Zamzar.
Converts PDFs to word
Kick you tube- previously used
Real player- pc way to save videos
keepvid works great for us in Decatur City!
Debut- for more tech savvy folks.
Trimming and converting:
you tube has own video editor
apple - .mov
windows .wmv
realplayer- if you download in realplayer then you can play and trim and add to realplayer library
.avi - large container type file and may not play in some software
.wmv - microsoft format that is highly compressed - works best in microsoft prod
.mov- apple quicktime format smaller than avi better than wmv
flv- flash- smaller format still good looking
best online video converter left
realPlayer- mp4a to mp3, lots of options
winFF- ends conversion w strange screen but works
video players: possibly in PC World:
VLC Player
KM Player
Real Player
Quick Time
school tube- better quality
teacher tube
brightstorm (lots of math)
google videos
in you tube, in your account, recommended tools pop up when you click create videos
animoto- free version is great - fast and easy with copyright free music- easy to embed and share in websites
Sent from my iPhone- mobile posts to my blog are easy!

Games to play...Just for Fun! leslie fisher's ideas...2011

Leslie compiled this list for her mom-

Online Games / Puzzles: 

   Each player places his/her pieces on the board in turn, with the purpose of placing  a maximum number of pieces on the board. Essential constraint: the pieces of the same colour must touch each other by one or more angles, but must never touch along the sides.

Coffee Buzz: Wake up and smell the coffee! The Smokestack Coffee Company is polluting the town with bad coffee! Open your own Coffee Shop and take back the town. Swap coffee beans, milk, sugar and other tasty ingredients to prepare a मेनू

 : To win this web game, you must create the longest line possible. The more segments your line has, the higher the score you can achieve. You have to have a Google Chrome browser to play (Rockmelt is my favorite)
Fowl Words:
  Online word game
  Online jigsaw puzzles
Kongragate: 1,000's of online games. Someone recommended playing Picma
 : Over 100 free online games (many people recommended this site)
USA Today Puzzles All the puzzle type things from USA Today

iPhone / iPad Games 

Wordfeud A free multiplayer word game for iPhone and Android devices. Challenge your friends or play against random opponents. Play at your own pace. Participate in up to 30 games simultaneously.
Words With Friends: Play an online Scrabble like game with other people over the iPhone or iPad

Leslie Fisher- Cool gadgets and sites 2011-Livescribe pen, Digital cameras, Evernote/ evernote peek flash cards displays a "waterfall" of content and can change to full width mode. embeds twitter, fb, rss into one place

Evernote- still rocks for notetaking! Cloud based. Text recognition on hand written notes. Skitch app is free if you have evernote! Get it! Evernote notes can be posted to Google notes or facebook now. Evernote Peek - notebooks on different topics.
Ipad cover makes flash cards w evernote peek!

Livescribe pen- on bottom is camera - on top is microphone. Http://
Saves to evernote, google docs, etc. Pen 99.00, notebooks 5.00. Pencast is publishing site in cloud.

Wunderlist- to do list -- all to dos in one location. Set categories, importance, notes, etc.

Weebly websites- (i use this with my students for book review sites for our media center!)Awesome easy and free and/or cheap

Digital photos:
Lesliefisher - download coupon for

Digital cameras- sony cybershot hx5v coming out soon!
Sony NEX  compact camera. Comes w zoom lens. Cam corder can also use zoom lens. Tiltable lcd. Sweep panorama.

Polaroid ZINK - part digital camera part photo printer. Prints 3-4 images in less than a minute. Polaroid cza-05300b pogo instant for $190.00

Crazy items -- Lady GaGa is helping design: sunglasses w eye movement camera and lcd displays built in.

Binocular cameras.

3D cameras - sony video Bloggie 249.99. Will go down in price.
Kodak Playsport - micro HDMI. Weather -shock-water resistant handheld camera 199.00. Sdhc port. Make sure you buy newest one since it was just updated. best for sharing. 70/year unlimited. Shopping cart can be set up for people to purchase pictures - can get nonprofit account for 100/year. Images can be watermarked and sold online to make products and other items.

Camera slow? Make sure you are using san disk extreme IV for better faster photos. Check to get Speed rating 8 or 10.

Eye-Fi 8gb plus wifi class 6 photo card Can upload digital photos when it finds an ATT hotspot.

Http:// to create qr codes

Red laser- app for reading qr codes. Also regular barcodes for price shopping. online encrypted backup for mac or pc. Free for 2gig/ $7 month unlimited.

Cisco media hub- remote access- pc users
Time machine for mac users. Time Capsule

Orbicule Undercover- Takes picture of person who took your computer, simulates screen failure. Personal cloud of movies, music, photos. instant slideshows. backing up at same time. Scan receipts, categories, folders, etc.

Verizon Fios television system- move to this if you can! Mobile devices show your satellite tv shows. Roku, ps3, xbox, apple Tv.

Next one rumored to be 299 and smaller...
Ipad textbooks

Screen chomp awesome app

Ipad cases- dodo cases - coolest case
Clamcase funny case

Ipevo point 2 view usb 1.5 lbs
Ipad microscope

Youtube- word lens App- watch the movie for this on youtube!

Go Digital by Tammy Worcester

Not sure where to start, but want to make your classroom more digital? Read on....

Handouts & Presentations
Example blog:

To create your own:

1.Start with a blog.
Click here to see how to use Blogger to set up a blog.

2.Customize the layout and other options.

3.Post info & photos from a variety of sources, including your phone..

4.Allow viewers to comment.
Click here to see how to moderate comments.

5.Add widgets / embed code / html code.
    - Top widgets for a blog
    - Twitter feed
    - Tammy’s Delicious links for embeddable gadgets
    - Add a language-translator gadget
    - Use a google form and Batch Geo to create a collaborative map

6.Add static pages.
Click here for directions.

Here are some options for teachers::
- About our class / school - embed a Google map
- Student podcasts - use Vocaroo
- Lesson plans - easy with an embedded Google spreadsheet
- Links for students / parents - embed from Delicious
- School calendar - embed from Google Calendar
- Homework dropbox - use a Google form

For tech directors:
- How-to videos - use Jing
- Livecast - use
- Help Desk - use a Google form
- Schedule - use a Google calendar

For administrators:
- What’s happening?
- School calendar - embed from Google Calendar
- Podcast - use Vocaroo
- Feedback form - use a Google form

7.Share student work.
- Embed a spreadsheet with links to online projects/activities
- Use a Blidget to put a blog within a blog
- Use a google form to collect embed code from a student project, then copy and paste the code into your blog.
- Take a screen shot with Skitch or Jing and upload to the web for sharing.
- Use to record and then embed narrated presentations
- Use an iPod/iPad app such as Storykit to capture and embed student drawings and voice

8.Other cool tools:
    - Great for scheduling PT conferences / works with Google

Cool Tools for Interactive Whiteboards 2011 - Tammy Worcester

Fun Games/Activities

Toy Theater
Learn, create, play

Dotty Dots
Interact with words

Little Animation for Kids
Songs, stories, and more...

Pauly’s Playhouse
Games galore! (Also check out the laboratory)

Photo Puzzle
Turn any photo into an interactive jigsaw puzzle

Magic Pen
A crayon-physics game

Content-based Games/Activities

Sheppard Software
hundreds of games, activities, quizzes...

Little Fingers
Great interactives for young kids

Science NetLinks
Dozens of interactive science activities

Arts Alive
Music games / compose songs

Thinkfinity Interactives
Tons of activities for all ages

Traveler IQ Challenge
Find locations on a map as quickly as you can!

Teacher Utilities

Spinners, Gameboards, Dice
at Unpractical Math

Dice, name-pickers, spinners, word magnets, and more

at Pauly’s Playhouse

Online Stopwatch
Count-down clock and stopwatch

Random Name Picker
A fruit machine will pick a word from a list

Turns your computer keyboard into a piano keyboard

Virtual Keyboard
Another piano/keyboard option

Songs to play on virtual keyboards:
Song notes

Using PowerPoint with your IWB

Download PowerPoint games

Whiteboard Room
Download PowerPoint resources

PowerPoint files Created by Tammy: (See link to Tammy's Website)

Predict a picture/book cover

Choose Own Ending Story

Spelling Practice

Magic Box

Oh the things you can do with Google Spreadheets and Forms by Tammy Worcester

Getting Started

Google Accounts for the Teacher
    A. Go to to create a generic google account.
    B. Go to to create a Gmail account.

To Create Google Spreadsheets/Forms, go to:

Helpful websites:
    - Getting Started with Google Spreadsheets
    - Google Spreadsheets Help Articles

Spreadsheet Lesson Plans:
-Google Spreadsheet Lesson Plans Part 1
-Google Spreadsheet Lesson Plans Part 2
-Google Spreadsheet Lesson Plans Part 3

Spreadsheet Collaboration:
2 options for collaboration:

Option 1 - Invite Collaborators (Requires Google Accounts)

1.Click the “Share” button in the upper-right corner.
2.Enter the email address of the desired collaborators.
3.Click “Share.”

Option 2 - Share via a link (No Google Accounts necessary!)

1.Click the “Share” button in the upper-right corner.
2.Click the “Change” link at the top.
3.Choose to allow “Anyone with the link to View.”
4.Also choose to “Allow anyone to edit.”
5.Click “Save.”
6.Give the provided URL to the desired collaborators.
Note - You may want to use or another similar tool to shorten the URL first.

Google Forms

Quiz Bowl
Create 2 fields (name and answer) to use over and over again.

Digital Dropbox
Create fields for:
-Last name
-First name
-Assignment name
-Student Notes/Description

Use to collect and organize digital student assignments.

Art for this activity was created at:

Self-checking quiz
Click here

Using Infographics to enhance learning!

GaETC: Cool Stuff As Reported by RCPS Attendees: Picture This: Using Infographics to Enhance Learni...: Presenter: Jeff Giddens & Lynne Whitley, Georgia Virtual School The graphic links to the site with all resources. Many resources for creat...

Google Activities for Students by Tammy Worcester

Can also be used for individual activities for students. Up to 100 blogs can be created for free with Blogger. Can create collaborative blog like the sample Tammy created called Gaetc happiness. Collaborative blog can be created by using a little trick so no posters have to have accounts -
--go to settings area, mobile and email option, set up an email address to allow publishing - click dot beside publish email immediately. Anyone who sends email to that address will post to blog immediately. Pictures can also be emailed. IF STUDENTS ARE USING THIS FEATURE- make sure it is set for you to moderate the posts.
Google MAPS- allows students to mark up a Google map without a Google account.
Students can actually mark places on a map and write a progressive story. Te url to the map story can be saved and embedded on a site or blog.
Tammy's books: Google Activities for Kids
Google Tools for Teaching and Learning.

Google FORMS and SURVEYS- everyone should learn how to use this! You can cate a form for students to complete, When sending a form- send them to blue link at the BOTTOM of the page, not the URL at e top of the page. Forms can be embedded, create a tiny url and email it or post it for users. is the sample survey. When you gather data- choose form-data and you will see instant graphs.
You can also take city, state location data and copy all cells in the data and go to the website - click in site and paste data, click "map now". Voila!

Tagxedo makes word cloud shapes
wordle makes word clouds - all using words kids submit in Google form!

Google forms as a quiz competition- make one place on form for NAME, one for ANSWER. Make tiny url - is a sample. Put name in and get ready for the question. Form can be re-used over and over and over!

Blogger Activities:
NO Google login required for students

Click here for instructions for creating a collaborative blog.

Have students email pictures and/or text to your blog:

-Things that are green...
-Things that represent freedom.
-Things that are triangle.
-Your favorite animal at the zoo.
-A scene from a story.
-A piece of artwork you’ve created.

Google Maps
Google login required for students

-What state would you choose?
-Rock star tour
-Map story
-Community map
-Follow Flat Stanley
-Collaborative maps

Scribble Maps
Alternate tool / Google Mashup
No Google login required 

Google Docs & Presentation Activities
Google login optional for students

Post Card


Building Healthy Bodies

Google Spreadsheet & Form Activities
NO Google login required

Collaborative Maps
Use a form to gather info and then “plot”  onto a map.
Click here to see how.

Quiz Competition
Create a form with fields for name and answer.
Use over and over again to get student responses to quiz questions.

Digital Dropbox
Create fields for:
-Last name
-First name
-Assignment name
-Student Notes/Description

Use to collect and organize digital student assignments.

Art for this activity was created at:

Google Account for the Teacher:
-Google Apps for Educators
-Individual Google account created at
-Individual Gmail account created at

Google Accounts for Students:
Note - This is not an all-inclusive list!
-Google Apps for Educators
-Individual student-created accounts created by students over 13 or with parent permission if under 13
-Generic teacher-created login
-Teacher-created individual student accounts
-Domain name accounts (click here for instructions)

Tony Vincent- Blogs!

Tony Vincent's 2011 session about blogs-
Use Posterous!! has great ideas and samples. Files such as audio can be emailed to your posterous site and it goes directly into your blog. -sqworl
blogs can replace classroom web pages- newsletters, assignments, Dates, work samples, web links, artwork,Videos, pictures, = useful information!

Ipods and ipads allow simple emailing of assignments. Student work can be sent to Posterous easily. It is moderated, so outside posts can appear but have to be approved.

Create a site- send email to However- you probably need to go in and fine tune your site. You have "spaces"... Free! Name your space, Emails will go to the address you are given.
Photos- same way.
Your email address doesn't need approval.