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Microphone in ipad3- add it to your keyboard for voice to text!

In the ipad3- if you go to settings> general> accessibility-
You can turn on a microphone that appears directly on the keyboard- great for voice to text!!

Tips from this site:

How to Use iPad Voice Dictation
Believe it or not, voice dictation on the iPad is as easy as one-two-three.
  1. Tap the microphone button on the iPad's on-screen keyboard. This tells the iPad that you want to start dictating. Not seeing a microphone button? Remember, you need a valid internet connection to use voice dictation.
  2. Talk. The iPad will record your voice and turn it into text when you are finished. (Be sure to read over the keywords below to find out how to start a new sentence or a new paragraph.)
  3. Tap the done button that appears onscreen to stop dictating. In a few seconds, the iPad will turn your speech into words on the screen. Be sure to read it over. Voice dictation isn't perfect, so you may need to make a few adjustments using the keyboard.
The great thing about this implementation is that voice dictation is readily available any time the on-screen keyboard is available, which means no hunting around for it when you really need it.
iPad Voice Dictation Keywords
The iPad's voice dictation is surprisingly good at translating voice into speech, even for those of us who have thick accents. But what about ending a sentence with a question mark or starting a new paragraph? To get the most out of voice dictation, you should remember these keywords:
  • "Period". The "." is the standard way to end a sentence. It includes a space after the period, so you are ready for your next sentence.
  • "Question Mark". The "?" also includes a trailing space.
  • "New Paragraph". This keyword phrase starts a new paragraph. Remember to end the previous sentence before beginning the new paragraph.
  • "Exclamation Point". The "!" includes a trailing space.
  • "Comma". The "," includes a trailing space.
  • "Colon". The ";" includes a trailing space.
  • "Semi-Colon". The ":" includes a trailing space.
  • "Elipsis". The "..." includes a trailing space.
  • "Quote" and "Unquote". The " produced by saying "quote" does not produce a trailing space. The " produced by saying "unquote" does include a trailing space.
  • "Slash". The "/" symbol.
  • "Asterisk". The "*" symbol.
  • "Ampersand". The "&" symbol.
  • "At Sign". The "@" symbol.
And more... A number of other punctuation marks are also programmed into the system, so if you need one of the more rare marks, simply say it. For example, "upside down question mark" will actually produce an upside down question mark.

Creative Ways to use QR Codes

Presented by Rita Mortensen- Super Excited Smart Friendly Techno Gal!

In this session, participants will learn what a QR Code is, how to create them, and how to use them for a variety of educational projects/purposes. Learn how our school is using QR Codes for scavenger hunts, back-to-school events for staff, and variety of student activities. There are so many unique and creative ways to include audio files, video files as well as various handouts and assessments to your projects. This will be a great way for you to learn how to create them and learn about educational ways to use them in your classroom/school.

Rita Mortensen- QR CODES
Cool ideas- 
Yearbook Updates can be in a QR code
Put QR Code on a bulletin board for people to download the photos from a display
Use for staff development to save paper
Passport to Learning site has a QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Believe it or not- QR codes are being put on Tombstones - Students read their work, translates to other languages, etc.

QRafter, KAYWA- QR Readers  create code and drag/drop directly from site.
also- you can track how many parents scan your QR code- track history of views/scans
QR Code Preview
link to QR Scavenger Hunt Creation 

Photopeach allows you to put text around codes.
QR Artistic Fun- Howard J. Martin tracks hits on QR Code
-- you upload a doc to their site, they host the doc, and docs can be downloaded.  They have Word, Excel, Power Point add ins.
Manage your social networks here!

Polar Bears International

I attended a session that shared the work of Polar Bears International.  I did not know this session would change my life in such a profound way. I was literally in tears at the end of the photo montage.

Check out the great work being done to preserve polar bears.
The site includes Educational Tools, Materials, Units, Lessons, Videos, Contests, and Ways to take ACTION!

Adopt a Polar Bear!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gadgets and Widgets Discussion at DENSI2012 - July 2012 Edition

Compiled by Sandi  Dennis from Decatur, Georgia
Note: Steve Dembo's DENSI2012 gadget presentation was recorded and can be viewed online.  Link will be added to this post when available.
A tech conference wouldn't be complete without a gadgets and widgets session!'s the July, 2012 version.
Messy cord management-
Gear Ties- stiff wire covered in plastic -get them online or at Target.
 big xl black binder clips work well and are super cheap
or a "recoil" cord holder
iPad Stylus Ideas-
A stylus might be too large-look for a smaller one  the Jot stylus has a clear disk
-- Also a stylus with a mesh metal tip is great.
use it in notebook or a drawing program to see how it feels.
Exceptional Kids and an ipad Stylus-
Students who need a mouth stick to control ipad can use the chopstick stylus with e mouth accessory.
The Verge has constant updates on stylus info and reviews.
No reason to use a stylus now? Varying opinions on this.
Ipad Cases-
Clam Case- great but adds some weight- can angle many ways - has build in keyboard that is great and larger, original clam case. (white is backordered currently). ipad can be popped out simply. approx. 150.00 but there is an educator discount. ( maybe 20%)
Capta -
Sticky Stuff attaches to any tripod- allows anything to attach. peels right off. Allows you to use cell phone or other as a camera on tripod UDS - get on Amazon approx 35.00
Small Mobile Tripod-
small UDS (Unique Design Solutions) bendy - Gorilla (available on Amazon) the one Dembo uses
A/B switch from Amazon with cords -
sound out is not includedso buy mini to mini cords and get a short audio splitter cord. Also
get an extension booster cord. is the cheapest and best
IKEA green shower curtain
is perfect green screen. Cannot get online- must go in to a store.
New IKEA catalog has authentic reality by the way. check it out!
Thunderbolt GB Ethernet adapter
- Huge bandwidth - for Macbook Air or retina
Have to have Thunderbolt port to use it- available now
ipad Microscope- Hall's favorite cheap thing
Illuminated Ultra Violet 45x Mag Microscope- on Amazon - get a grommet and glue to ipad then attach microscope
Fitness and Weight Loss-
FitBit device- Measures miles and steps, friends- sleep feature that analyzes how many times a night you wake up - holds a charge an entire week. Ultra version also logs stairs-
Modified Dongle-
Presenting w ipad over VGA connection often loses power- a VGA connector is modified with a VGA port - 60.00 but very worth it. See the DENSI2012 Edmodo group for the contact info since he doesn't give out his personal info.
Cool iphone case-
BookBook iphone case wallet combo, 
2 other great things :
PlugBug- piece that comes off mac charger but also has USB port to charge macbook and phone together 
Dual Screen Mode Macbook + ipad-
Hoverbar- Arm that comes off imac that lets you attach ipad to imac dual screen mode- Hoverbar
adhoc Network-
 - mac and ipad on at same time- need an adhoc network to have more an one device- create network
screen mirroring tips
 from Kathy Schrock who was also in this discussion group-
Uber-Geeky Watch-
Nano watch -- can change watch face- connect to store, ipod Nano w/ radio, photos, pedometer, etc. added to watch band from Apple store.
Panoramic iphone Mount Robot-
Attach a camera and tripod, zoom camera in- robotic arm takes multiple photos and stitches them together.
Panoramic App-
Cheap way to do panoramic - 360pano App for ipad with grid (in app store)
Share your Stuff- app- can use to bump info onto computer to transfer contacts
Moveit is also good- can use to move any file either way- choose item from photo stream or other file- flick it to next device
Get a Photo Transfer App- great for transferring photos from ipad
Battery Backup Cases-
UNU iphone case - a battery backup case for iphone. Lights up on back to indicate amount of charge left.
Duracell self contained power backup for iphone- also works on ipad in emergency situation
Handy Hall-
Hall likes to challenge airport security agents by carrying a Small, yet sharp tool thingy with him when he travels- contains a screwdriver, pliers, etc- at hardware store or Amazon.  Hall got on an airplane with it everywhere except Malaysia
Last but certainly not least- File this under "Too much time on my hands"...
Bug A Salt - see video here


Evernote Ideas - Group Discussion Notes

evernote single premium evernote address which is set to forward to as many people as you want. 45.00. / year. 1 g storage per month.  can make digital copy of purchase orders sent to main address so all pos and invoices  snap scan fujitsu scanner scans both sides some scanners have a send to evernote button 150.00 scanner -  send snapshots of cable setups and to evernote Searchable from everywhere all evernote interfaces are different- laptop is great, ipad is different can add audio files, photos penultimate connects to evernote @symbol is notebook subject space @notebook add tags with hashtag symbols livescribe pen 183.00 gives free year of evernote 8g bundle- ask kathy shrock  will post this on edmodo trunk- features for evernote Chrome extension "clip to Evernote". title and url pop in, notes added by you.  sandi- put on blog  safari and firefox have web clipper extensions  kindle notes to evernote Evernote Hello- type your name in and syncs to evernote also

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo Tropedelic

iSee iClick i Photography- Nancy Sharoff's Tips!

Explore different ways to get those photos from your device to your iPad (via a Camera Connector kit or various other apps) and explore various apps to enhance those images and incorporate them into lessons and other types of 'end products'. put DENSI2012 in subject line

ScreenFlow- great screen capture software
SlideShark app for presenting with ipad is great
Power Point uploaded to app- use slide shark app

ipad camera connector kit- 5+1 in1  -- an SD card reader

GroupShot- replace one person in a picture with the best face from another pic, etc.

Image Bank- FotoPlanet 

100 Cameras in 1-  cool filters

MegaEditor-- Photogene

PhotoViva- great for watercolors and artistic effects

Digital Storytelling- Photo Slideshow Director HD

Arcframe makes cool moving frames

WiFi Photo App- Copy URL onto your computer and you'll see list of your libraries

Photo Transfer App- Up to 200 photos at a time

BUMP- You can bump photos from your phone to your computer-

Flickrstudio-  BEST app!! 4.99 -- 

Wall of Memories- Like a gallery

iPhone apps you can enlarge-- 
Doodlecam- also has a cool comic book effect

Mega Camera-  Boosts up pixels of iphone camera 

Audio Tricks and Tips with Macbook and iPad

Matt's Tips and Tricks - by Matt Monjan of Discovery Education-
When is audio more than audio?
Presentation Resources:

Jam Studio

Blabberize-- you can upload music from Discovery Education into Blabberize-- so your shark could rap a math song - Multiply by the number 3, etc. record sound from phone or computer- will take text you put in and read it aloud- can be read from a native speaker's accent but in English

In DIscovery Education- Matt's audiopal presentation tutorial is therer if you search for the video

 Build a Writing Prompt in DE> Add an image> make an AudioPal file of your audio> copy html and then click "html" in writing prompt- paste in code

Create an Audio Book- David Bell from CNET in December, 2008;txt   Repeat After Us-  texts read aloud for ELL students

GREAT INVESTMENT - AV Player HD- app for captions on ipad-- wirelessly sync ipad to computer ans drag files over to play on ipad;txt

Rap in the classroom- Jam Studio

Make your own! Jam Studio
Don't pay for the 9.99 app- but account is free for educators!

Subject Predicate Paradise

Gettin Triggy With It
Verb Rap

Ed Tech Cheat Sheet

Is there TOO MUCH out there to process? Check out this ed tech cheat sheet infographic:

The Marshmallow Test

This is the famous video of a social experiment involving children by Stanford University. Children were given a marshmallow and told that they could either eat it or wait-- and if they wait they will get two marshmallows- the adult then left the room.   

The video is quite funny, but says a lot about kids and learning styles.  
  Results showed that about half of the kids ate the marshmallow.  Kids who didn't eat the marshmallow did better in college, o nthe SAT, or in life.  The ones who could handle delayed gratification were generally better in school.

Paul Andersen- Montana Teacher of the Year 2011

Paul's thoughts on Teaching:
Technology is PAINT.  There are all different kinds of paint- you need to blend them all together in your classroom.  You need to find what works for you and modify it.  It is important to not try and copy other teachers- make it your own.
A classroom is like a school bus and you're the driver.  You have to drive the kids from point A to point B.
However, if you give kids a car and tell them to drive- some will get there, some might stall, some might crash-  but you have to help them.
The reading level of all students really affects their level of self-learning.  Struggling with reading limits ability to complete online courses.
Our students are not Vulcans.  Social elemts have to be brought in to a classroom that force kids to move and interact and work together.

School disguised as a Video Game:
Video Game Mr. Andersen made for his students is called Biohazard Five- it his actually a Moodle Course and it is disguised as a video game. It is a virtual class that looks just like a video game. He was in a one to one ipad situation. He made video lectures of himself for each of his essential understandings. He worked individually with students because the content was in the videos he created. Flipping the classroom requires students to do things at home- but he didn't think that was fair. Students do not all have equal access to tech at home, and their time is valuable at home after school. His classroom was fair. Access was equal and available. He also now does inquiry labs that students can do at different times.
Watch his TED talk and a sample video below:
Paul Andersen is the Montana 2011 teacher of the year- a WELL DESERVED honor for him!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weather : Storm Chasers

One of the Storm Chasers (Reed) gave us a great opening session at DENSI 2012 in Montana.

The show can be seen on Discovery Channel.

There is a new live camera feed that can be viewed of real time storm chasing.

STEM subjects are intense in storm chasing.
TVN extreme tornado research

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