Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gadgets and Widgets Discussion at DENSI2012 - July 2012 Edition

Compiled by Sandi  Dennis from Decatur, Georgia
Note: Steve Dembo's DENSI2012 gadget presentation was recorded and can be viewed online.  Link will be added to this post when available.
A tech conference wouldn't be complete without a gadgets and widgets session!'s the July, 2012 version.
Messy cord management-
Gear Ties- stiff wire covered in plastic -get them online or at Target.
 big xl black binder clips work well and are super cheap
or a "recoil" cord holder
iPad Stylus Ideas-
A stylus might be too large-look for a smaller one  the Jot stylus has a clear disk
-- Also a stylus with a mesh metal tip is great.
use it in notebook or a drawing program to see how it feels.
Exceptional Kids and an ipad Stylus-
Students who need a mouth stick to control ipad can use the chopstick stylus with e mouth accessory.
The Verge has constant updates on stylus info and reviews.
No reason to use a stylus now? Varying opinions on this.
Ipad Cases-
Clam Case- great but adds some weight- can angle many ways - has build in keyboard that is great and larger, original clam case. (white is backordered currently). ipad can be popped out simply. approx. 150.00 but there is an educator discount. ( maybe 20%)
Capta -
Sticky Stuff attaches to any tripod- allows anything to attach. peels right off. Allows you to use cell phone or other as a camera on tripod UDS - get on Amazon approx 35.00
Small Mobile Tripod-
small UDS (Unique Design Solutions) bendy - Gorilla (available on Amazon) the one Dembo uses
A/B switch from Amazon with cords -
sound out is not includedso buy mini to mini cords and get a short audio splitter cord. Also
get an extension booster cord. is the cheapest and best
IKEA green shower curtain
is perfect green screen. Cannot get online- must go in to a store.
New IKEA catalog has authentic reality by the way. check it out!
Thunderbolt GB Ethernet adapter
- Huge bandwidth - for Macbook Air or retina
Have to have Thunderbolt port to use it- available now
ipad Microscope- Hall's favorite cheap thing
Illuminated Ultra Violet 45x Mag Microscope- on Amazon - get a grommet and glue to ipad then attach microscope
Fitness and Weight Loss-
FitBit device- Measures miles and steps, friends- sleep feature that analyzes how many times a night you wake up - holds a charge an entire week. Ultra version also logs stairs-
Modified Dongle-
Presenting w ipad over VGA connection often loses power- a VGA connector is modified with a VGA port - 60.00 but very worth it. See the DENSI2012 Edmodo group for the contact info since he doesn't give out his personal info.
Cool iphone case-
BookBook iphone case wallet combo, 
2 other great things :
PlugBug- piece that comes off mac charger but also has USB port to charge macbook and phone together 
Dual Screen Mode Macbook + ipad-
Hoverbar- Arm that comes off imac that lets you attach ipad to imac dual screen mode- Hoverbar
adhoc Network-
 - mac and ipad on at same time- need an adhoc network to have more an one device- create network
screen mirroring tips
 from Kathy Schrock who was also in this discussion group-
Uber-Geeky Watch-
Nano watch -- can change watch face- connect to store, ipod Nano w/ radio, photos, pedometer, etc. added to watch band from Apple store.
Panoramic iphone Mount Robot-
Attach a camera and tripod, zoom camera in- robotic arm takes multiple photos and stitches them together.
Panoramic App-
Cheap way to do panoramic - 360pano App for ipad with grid (in app store)
Share your Stuff- app- can use to bump info onto computer to transfer contacts
Moveit is also good- can use to move any file either way- choose item from photo stream or other file- flick it to next device
Get a Photo Transfer App- great for transferring photos from ipad
Battery Backup Cases-
UNU iphone case - a battery backup case for iphone. Lights up on back to indicate amount of charge left.
Duracell self contained power backup for iphone- also works on ipad in emergency situation
Handy Hall-
Hall likes to challenge airport security agents by carrying a Small, yet sharp tool thingy with him when he travels- contains a screwdriver, pliers, etc- at hardware store or Amazon.  Hall got on an airplane with it everywhere except Malaysia
Last but certainly not least- File this under "Too much time on my hands"...
Bug A Salt - see video here