Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Audio Tricks and Tips with Macbook and iPad

Matt's Tips and Tricks - by Matt Monjan of Discovery Education-
When is audio more than audio?
Presentation Resources:

Jam Studio http://www.jamstudio.com/Studio/index.htm

Blabberize-- you can upload music from Discovery Education into Blabberize-- so your shark could rap a math song - Multiply by the number 3, etc.

www.Audioboo.com- record sound from phone or computer-

www.AudioPal.com will take text you put in and read it aloud- can be read from a native speaker's accent but in English

In DIscovery Education- Matt's audiopal presentation tutorial is therer if you search for the video

 Build a Writing Prompt in DE> Add an image> make an AudioPal file of your audio> copy html and then click "html" in writing prompt- paste in code

Create an Audio Book- David Bell from CNET in December, 2008

www.repeatafterus.com   Repeat After Us-  texts read aloud for ELL students

GREAT INVESTMENT - AV Player HD- app for captions on ipad-- wirelessly sync ipad to computer ans drag files over to play on ipad