Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paul Andersen- Montana Teacher of the Year 2011

Paul's thoughts on Teaching:
Technology is PAINT.  There are all different kinds of paint- you need to blend them all together in your classroom.  You need to find what works for you and modify it.  It is important to not try and copy other teachers- make it your own.
A classroom is like a school bus and you're the driver.  You have to drive the kids from point A to point B.
However, if you give kids a car and tell them to drive- some will get there, some might stall, some might crash-  but you have to help them.
The reading level of all students really affects their level of self-learning.  Struggling with reading limits ability to complete online courses.
Our students are not Vulcans.  Social elemts have to be brought in to a classroom that force kids to move and interact and work together.

School disguised as a Video Game:
Video Game Mr. Andersen made for his students is called Biohazard Five-http://www.bozemanscience.com/journal/2011/11/11/using-game-design-to-improve-my-classroom.html it his actually a Moodle Course and it is disguised as a video game. It is a virtual class that looks just like a video game. He was in a one to one ipad situation. He made video lectures of himself for each of his essential understandings. He worked individually with students because the content was in the videos he created. Flipping the classroom requires students to do things at home- but he didn't think that was fair. Students do not all have equal access to tech at home, and their time is valuable at home after school. His classroom was fair. Access was equal and available. He also now does inquiry labs that students can do at different times.

Watch his TED talk and a sample video below:

Paul Andersen is the Montana 2011 teacher of the year- a WELL DESERVED honor for him!