Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google Activities for Students by Tammy Worcester

Can also be used for individual activities for students. Up to 100 blogs can be created for free with Blogger. Can create collaborative blog like the sample Tammy created called Gaetc happiness. Collaborative blog can be created by using a little trick so no posters have to have accounts -
--go to settings area, mobile and email option, set up an email address to allow publishing - click dot beside publish email immediately. Anyone who sends email to that address will post to blog immediately. Pictures can also be emailed. IF STUDENTS ARE USING THIS FEATURE- make sure it is set for you to moderate the posts.
Google MAPS- allows students to mark up a Google map without a Google account.
Students can actually mark places on a map and write a progressive story. Te url to the map story can be saved and embedded on a site or blog.
Tammy's books: Google Activities for Kids
Google Tools for Teaching and Learning.

Google FORMS and SURVEYS- everyone should learn how to use this! You can cate a form for students to complete, When sending a form- send them to blue link at the BOTTOM of the page, not the URL at e top of the page. Forms can be embedded, create a tiny url and email it or post it for users. is the sample survey. When you gather data- choose form-data and you will see instant graphs.
You can also take city, state location data and copy all cells in the data and go to the website - click in site and paste data, click "map now". Voila!

Tagxedo makes word cloud shapes
wordle makes word clouds - all using words kids submit in Google form!

Google forms as a quiz competition- make one place on form for NAME, one for ANSWER. Make tiny url - is a sample. Put name in and get ready for the question. Form can be re-used over and over and over!

Blogger Activities:
NO Google login required for students

Click here for instructions for creating a collaborative blog.

Have students email pictures and/or text to your blog:

-Things that are green...
-Things that represent freedom.
-Things that are triangle.
-Your favorite animal at the zoo.
-A scene from a story.
-A piece of artwork you’ve created.

Google Maps
Google login required for students

-What state would you choose?
-Rock star tour
-Map story
-Community map
-Follow Flat Stanley
-Collaborative maps

Scribble Maps
Alternate tool / Google Mashup
No Google login required 

Google Docs & Presentation Activities
Google login optional for students

Post Card


Building Healthy Bodies

Google Spreadsheet & Form Activities
NO Google login required

Collaborative Maps
Use a form to gather info and then “plot”  onto a map.
Click here to see how.

Quiz Competition
Create a form with fields for name and answer.
Use over and over again to get student responses to quiz questions.

Digital Dropbox
Create fields for:
-Last name
-First name
-Assignment name
-Student Notes/Description

Use to collect and organize digital student assignments.

Art for this activity was created at:

Google Account for the Teacher:
-Google Apps for Educators
-Individual Google account created at
-Individual Gmail account created at

Google Accounts for Students:
Note - This is not an all-inclusive list!
-Google Apps for Educators
-Individual student-created accounts created by students over 13 or with parent permission if under 13
-Generic teacher-created login
-Teacher-created individual student accounts
-Domain name accounts (click here for instructions)