Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Go Digital by Tammy Worcester

Not sure where to start, but want to make your classroom more digital? Read on....

Handouts & Presentations
Example blog:

To create your own:

1.Start with a blog.
Click here to see how to use Blogger to set up a blog.

2.Customize the layout and other options.

3.Post info & photos from a variety of sources, including your phone..

4.Allow viewers to comment.
Click here to see how to moderate comments.

5.Add widgets / embed code / html code.
    - Top widgets for a blog
    - Twitter feed
    - Tammy’s Delicious links for embeddable gadgets
    - Add a language-translator gadget
    - Use a google form and Batch Geo to create a collaborative map

6.Add static pages.
Click here for directions.

Here are some options for teachers::
- About our class / school - embed a Google map
- Student podcasts - use Vocaroo
- Lesson plans - easy with an embedded Google spreadsheet
- Links for students / parents - embed from Delicious
- School calendar - embed from Google Calendar
- Homework dropbox - use a Google form

For tech directors:
- How-to videos - use Jing
- Livecast - use
- Help Desk - use a Google form
- Schedule - use a Google calendar

For administrators:
- What’s happening?
- School calendar - embed from Google Calendar
- Podcast - use Vocaroo
- Feedback form - use a Google form

7.Share student work.
- Embed a spreadsheet with links to online projects/activities
- Use a Blidget to put a blog within a blog
- Use a google form to collect embed code from a student project, then copy and paste the code into your blog.
- Take a screen shot with Skitch or Jing and upload to the web for sharing.
- Use to record and then embed narrated presentations
- Use an iPod/iPad app such as Storykit to capture and embed student drawings and voice

8.Other cool tools:
    - Great for scheduling PT conferences / works with Google