Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leslie Fisher's ios support group / App Recommendations 2011

ios 5- Cool new stuff-- 

  • Double tap home button at bottom when screen is locked- camera icon appears
  • Volume button can also take a photo 
  • Home+power is the screen shot feature- picture is placed in photos
  • bring up keyboard- hold down the .com and you get other choices
  • tap your email address if you have 
  • double tap on shift key- turns blue and is locked
  • lock screen orientation w/ 
  • double tap circle button to get list of apps running- tap and hold, escape out of apps that are running in background
  •  double click circle, stop apps from shaking, then slide to left when apps are open in bottom- first one is "lock screen","brightness"., "my ipod"
  • group text messaging with imessage
  • reminders-- to dos location setting-- will remind you of something when you are close to it.
  • icloud- everything syncs together on all your devices
  • swipe the top of your device-  notification center appears
  • can crop photos and enhance
  • custom vibrations
  • hold any word to see a define option
  • bring up keyboard then split your fingers across the middle
  • settings>general> keyboard>international keyboards>Add> Emoji  by topic and release date

Teacher Productivity: 
offers a plugin to Google Calendar and displays your calendar like it would on Google for your iphone.
Leslie uses Spanning Sync to sync calendar w/ Google Calendar.


Adobe Acrobat Reader- finally available
QR Codes- scavenger hunt
 use Red Laser for QR Code Reading
SoundNote- AppTap a place in your notes and audio will play exactly where it should.
Photon- uses servers to deliver Flash content to your device-- Click lightning bolt when you see one- 4.99
Remote Access to your desktop-- 14.99- Jump Desktop- Uses RDP (remote desktop protocol) to log in to mac or pc.  Bluetooth support- full mouse support.

Square Reader- Headphone Port for Credit Cards- uses and App to run the card and approve the amount- fees: 2.5% with card or 3.5% without the card (typing in by hand over the phone).

Google Voice- FREE-
Google TRanslate- voice activated
Mapping Applications- AroundMe
My POI (points of interest)- uses GPS

Sportacular Pro- play by play for a game/ fantasty football
TV Food Maps- all places that have been on TV shows
ADT- set your alarm
Run Pee Mobile- which point of a movie is safe to leave
USAA Bank- take picture of check and it deposits it

ipad time
several textbook publishers have signed deals with ipad
algebra 1 and Geometry fro mHoughton Mifflin
inkling- free app- downloading textbooks- icloud support would be great for this.
  • proloquo 2 go
  • istudiez Pro- lesson plans, etc. and students can put in all assignments/homework/schedule
  • NewsRack- pick from a zillion RSS feeds- add to instaspaper
  • GoodReader
  • Flipboard
  • Zite- a smart magazine for the ipad
  • Toontastic- only 99cents now
  • Iridium Flares
  • imagnify- turns device into magnifying glass
  • mathboard k-6
  • math pro
  • lobster diver- math
  • mitosis
  • the elements- photographical elements- great
  • the solar system
  • reading apps-
  • millyand molly- younger kids
  • danny the dragon meets jimmy- has sign language
  • shakespeare in bits- his work complete with translations, animations, piles of stuff, relationship map
  • brainpop
  • our choice (global warming)
  • national geographic world atlas