Friday, November 4, 2011

patrick crispen's ideas and recommendations 2011

goo - find out if it is used anywhere
Marta kagan's social media presentation 2010
app- zite modern rss
the colour clock
show me app
waze - mapping website
jabberpad - ipad networks virtual whiteboard- up to 4 ipads together
dragon go- app that searches online w verbal commands- free
plants v zombies
my fitness pal media ctr - facebook for weight
screenchomp - moves bookmarks- use edu version - quizzes, etc
class dojo
free technology toolkit for udl in all classrooms
social skills help- mobile education store - one is free and one is small fee
- app updated several times and telling you which apps are free and on sale that day
- stopwatch log- purchasing
- .✌
- gmail for atudents, calendar, set up texting - students subscribe to my calendar and get texts
storiesfromthecloud - young adult stories and books with web 2.0 tool to go along with book
pearltrees- app - graphic web - has great web 2.0 tools
fantastic flying books of moreis lessmore 4.99
chefs feed- where country's best chefs eat
createspace- publish your words your way
color uncovered science app
factor samurai
a novel idea app
techwire- free - news aggregator- tech crunch app
igrader app - slide rule
find my iphone - free app
hidden- protect your macbook
pop my videos - add text to videos
rsa animates
louis dots science app
60 second recap

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