Thursday, November 3, 2011

birds of a feather with Tony Vincent - ios has notes from this session- which will be people shouting out or posting ideas, apps, questions - dividing the hour into fourths. The session will have this focus

1- new ios tips
copy or speak button now available - text can be read slow or fast. accessibility settings- general - speech selection.
speak auto text is also a feature
new keyboard keyboard undock w keyboard grippy in bottom right
Apostrophes on main keyboard do show if you tap and hold exclamation - just swipe up
tap and hold key for accented letters
tap the word 'reader' at top of screen bywebsites
myth- double click home button for recent apps - is not necessary to quit apps in background to speed up ipad - sleep button does the trick
see tony's website for more mac myths
zoom w camera -
swipe to right to open in notification
accessibility feature general- 4 or 5 fingers etc to zoom- on ipad- double tap with 3 fingers, keep fingers touching screen and scroll up
mirroring works -

2- setup and management for class sets- issues and suggestions
3- accessories
4- apps

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