Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Tube Your Way!

Presented by Angela McDurmon
Instructional Tech Specialist
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Presentation Links

YouTube Channels Page

Places to Collect YouTube Videos Online



YouTube - Your own Channel

Safe Video Directories



Software for Saving Videos

RealPlayer Download

Debut Download - There is a link to the free version in the "Get it Free!" paragraph.

Online Tools for Trimming Videos

Snip, Snip

Convert and Download Videos


Video Converters




Video Players

VLC Player


Create Videos Online


Video Hosts


Session Call Outs - Below are tips from the session participants

(They reminded me of some great tips to share!)

Use RealPlayer files in SMART Notebook
- Caveat this makes large files

Use the Mozilla Firefox Plugin called YouTube Downloader to download videos.

Picasa - Upload videos and convert or shrink image files

Zamzar - Read carefully when downloading videos to make sure you click the right thing.

Safety Mode in YouTube - Turn on to hide comments and filter some content.

YouTube - Music Replacement feature available when you upload a video or need to change the music in an uploaded video
- Whatever sound is replaced is lost

AnyVideoConverter - If you have old version do not update because the update will cause it to not to convert the complete video.

My notes from this session:

You tube math channels
You tube channels- anyone can have a channel if they have a gmail account.
XoaX. Net math lessons
Filtering YouTube. - some districts have
access to YouTube. You tube reviews around good content is an issue.
Ideas for filtering:
- freeze image on projector screen
- launch video in full screen mode
- create own YouTube channel with your favorites on your site. Comments are controlled. upload kids' content or your content to your channel.
Clean iboss search? Does not mean safe- filter did not work at times.
VuSafe- free but some ads, have to login. Search for YouTube vids by keyword, etc.
WatchKnowLearn- wiki and directory- free!
Neo k-12- free - directory of movies, games, lessons, etc. lots of extras.
Saving, trimming, converting you tube videos:
Save and convert videos with Zamzar.
Converts PDFs to word
Kick you tube- previously used
Real player- pc way to save videos
keepvid works great for us in Decatur City!
Debut- for more tech savvy folks.
Trimming and converting:
you tube has own video editor
apple - .mov
windows .wmv
realplayer- if you download in realplayer then you can play and trim and add to realplayer library
.avi - large container type file and may not play in some software
.wmv - microsoft format that is highly compressed - works best in microsoft prod
.mov- apple quicktime format smaller than avi better than wmv
flv- flash- smaller format still good looking
best online video converter left
realPlayer- mp4a to mp3, lots of options
winFF- ends conversion w strange screen but works
video players: possibly in PC World:
VLC Player
KM Player
Real Player
Quick Time
school tube- better quality
teacher tube
brightstorm (lots of math)
google videos
in you tube, in your account, recommended tools pop up when you click create videos
animoto- free version is great - fast and easy with copyright free music- easy to embed and share in websites
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