Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Leslie Fisher- Cool gadgets and sites 2011-Livescribe pen, Digital cameras, Evernote/ evernote peek flash cards displays a "waterfall" of content and can change to full width mode. embeds twitter, fb, rss into one place

Evernote- still rocks for notetaking! Cloud based. Text recognition on hand written notes. Skitch app is free if you have evernote! Get it! Evernote notes can be posted to Google notes or facebook now. Evernote Peek - notebooks on different topics.
Ipad cover makes flash cards w evernote peek!

Livescribe pen- on bottom is camera - on top is microphone. Http://
Saves to evernote, google docs, etc. Pen 99.00, notebooks 5.00. Pencast is publishing site in cloud.

Wunderlist- to do list -- all to dos in one location. Set categories, importance, notes, etc.

Weebly websites- (i use this with my students for book review sites for our media center!)Awesome easy and free and/or cheap

Digital photos:
Lesliefisher - download coupon for

Digital cameras- sony cybershot hx5v coming out soon!
Sony NEX  compact camera. Comes w zoom lens. Cam corder can also use zoom lens. Tiltable lcd. Sweep panorama.

Polaroid ZINK - part digital camera part photo printer. Prints 3-4 images in less than a minute. Polaroid cza-05300b pogo instant for $190.00

Crazy items -- Lady GaGa is helping design: sunglasses w eye movement camera and lcd displays built in.

Binocular cameras.

3D cameras - sony video Bloggie 249.99. Will go down in price.
Kodak Playsport - micro HDMI. Weather -shock-water resistant handheld camera 199.00. Sdhc port. Make sure you buy newest one since it was just updated. best for sharing. 70/year unlimited. Shopping cart can be set up for people to purchase pictures - can get nonprofit account for 100/year. Images can be watermarked and sold online to make products and other items.

Camera slow? Make sure you are using san disk extreme IV for better faster photos. Check to get Speed rating 8 or 10.

Eye-Fi 8gb plus wifi class 6 photo card Can upload digital photos when it finds an ATT hotspot.

Http:// to create qr codes

Red laser- app for reading qr codes. Also regular barcodes for price shopping. online encrypted backup for mac or pc. Free for 2gig/ $7 month unlimited.

Cisco media hub- remote access- pc users
Time machine for mac users. Time Capsule

Orbicule Undercover- Takes picture of person who took your computer, simulates screen failure. Personal cloud of movies, music, photos. instant slideshows. backing up at same time. Scan receipts, categories, folders, etc.

Verizon Fios television system- move to this if you can! Mobile devices show your satellite tv shows. Roku, ps3, xbox, apple Tv.

Next one rumored to be 299 and smaller...
Ipad textbooks

Screen chomp awesome app

Ipad cases- dodo cases - coolest case
Clamcase funny case

Ipevo point 2 view usb 1.5 lbs
Ipad microscope

Youtube- word lens App- watch the movie for this on youtube!