Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Discovery School: Steve Dembo- Discovery Educator Network

This speaker will have everything posted here: -
This session shared a few interesting resources for teachers and lesson prep--
many web sites that are free and creative for teachers to use when planning lessons. These sites are not really intended for student use…. - great site for intro to lessons - another way for teachers (not students) to create introductions to lessons, catchy quick intros.
-can use your own images as backgrounds or objects
- can add music/voiceovers/sound effects
You can embed the code into a web page to have the intro play on your site. You can also save the files if you have screen capture software.

Live audience polling:
Poll Everywhere site.
1. Ask audience a question
2. They send a text message (SMS) to answer
3. Results appear onscreen automatically
Can sign up for free account- can add premium features for a fee- such as having student names appear when they test answers.
Can embed the polls into power point. - Online Kid Pix type program FREE- can also create movies, etc. no login necessary. You will need to create an account if you need to save your work.
Great for art, writing, etc.