Thursday, November 6, 2008


Presented by Tony Vincent. 
presentation power point is on this site, along with presenter's email address.  Also has podcasts you can subscribe to-- 
This session discussed all the extra things you can do with an ipod to enhance instruction... things I never even thought of!  Beyond simple video and audio uses....

The ipod just turned 7- released in 2001.  Different types if ipods-- the click wheel ipod is the focus of this session.  An ipod is a tiny computer- has a hard drive, memory, etc.   
Tiny ipod nano- 8gb, $150.00.  
  • Audio- use to load music teacher's cds... can shuffle through them so much quicker than changing out cds or scratching them, etc.  In itunes preferences you can go in and in advanced, importing-- choose import and eject CD.  I tunes loads it and ejects it automatically.  Use voice recorder such as an"iTalk" which attaches to bottom of ipod,  (voice memos, start recording- connect to itunes and it will download and allow you to change title)- great for field trips, tours, etc.  CAN THEN EXPORT INTO GARAGE BAND OR AUDACITY.
  •  free site to upload a text file/ document or give it a web address- the system will convert it into audio-- would be GREAT for students to hear their writing read back to them.
  • to find audio and mp3s
  • itunes setup for lyrics or text: Go online, copy text, open mp3 in itunes. .. click file> get info, info tab - click LYRICS tab to paste in the text (lyrics).  Click ARTWORK tab, add jpeg.  sync ipod w/ itunes, go into "music" to hear song and press center button 4 times to see text and follow along (speeches, transcripts, etc.)
  • VIDEO: ipods play video, (he showed 'tom chapin not on the test' movie)  ipos like mpeg4 format- if video will play in itunes but wont on ipod, on advanced menu click "create ipod version" in itunes. (takes a while).  Play videos> movies in ipod- 
  • teachertube  - Mrs. Burke has all sorts of videos (check out area and perimeter- funny!)  To download use is a free service to convert files to mpeg4 then email the link to you to download it.  copy URL, paste, mp4 format is what to convert to., give email address, click convert.  takes about 30 minutes... link good for 24 hours.
  • Can add contacts and calendars to ipod.
  • PHOTOS: Any image-- sight words, power point slides, all can be on ipod as flash cards, comic books, counters- (made in keynote), hundreds chart, (can download from his site free from photos section) Fractions stick- 
  • Spin to Begin- tip calculator w/ bill splitting feature
  • Temperature converter
  • iwriter from talking panda-- a mini SIMPLE web page w/ no pictures
  • ifeedPod free software for RSS feeds-  puts into notes section of ipod
  • Quizzes- iQuiz is 99cents.  Use program on mac that lets you make quizzes...