Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LITTLE HANDS, GREAT REACH presented by Steve Dembo- Discovery Education Network

I've been looking forward to this one all day-- totally for Elementary school.
Entire presentation including power point is found on

  1. Use classroom BLOGS to let parents know what the kids are doing in school... just like this blog. It is as easy as sending an email! Great for communication and publishing work. Stays updated so much easier than class web page- link to the blog from your class web page. Can upload images, movies, etc. easy! Can use FREE: or or (mine is

Web 2.0-- allows us to enhance communication, share, provide classroom newsletters, etc. Answers the question: "What did you do in school today?", connects you with other classrooms, authentic experiences, etc.

New Tools:


bubbleshare image site w/ creative options - (site is gone for now- speaker will post an alternative soon) for blogging buddies- practice writing skills (university of regina)- comment on wiritng, comment on students' blog entries - Animoto: free video making site w/ music (30 second videos). - upload images and add your own text _ can also make virtual "scratch off" images that are like when you scratch off a lottery ticket. - shows map with locations of visitors to your blog!

youtube- banned in many districts-- so try these: Teachertube, ifilm, revver, schooltube, vimeo, jumpcut, eyespot, metacafe... etc. All great for finding resources. - share photos for staff-- blocked on our network... we need to ask about un-blocking. Create free account- sign in, (go to the web site for free photo shop program! Save and share- can choose place to print/ order T shirts w/ your image, etc./ Can send it to a local store like Wal mart to pick up your photos)

Within Flickr-

  • Spell with Flickr (find images of letters- use to practice spelling)
  • create photo memory game: Write a tag-- will go out to flickr and will find photos and create a memory game. Type in a word like "fall" and your concentration game will appear onscreen. Could play on activboard or post to blog- can email the link to yourself of your memory game for centers, etc. also.
  • Big Huge Labs- Flickr toys-- can create motivational posters, signs, etc.
  • Big Huge Labs- Can create their own set of trading cards for any subject (like rainforests, etc.)

voicethread- upload voice and photo projects online- web based or can be downloaded

JING project- great for tutorials to make tutorials and handouts for ITS use or teacher use

Media Converter add on for Firefox

Yackpack- gives HTML code to teacher- -paste onto your site then it opens a portal for communication online (verbal) can click to talk directly to another person-- code is pasted directly onto web site... students could read writing to students in other places for commentary or discussion-- literature groups, discuss how to solve math problems, etc.

Other Resources

Houghton Mifflin-- Science Discovery Education online ;

DEN (Discovery Educator Network) ;

tienetwork by Georgia Public Broadcasting presenter's site