Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 reasons I NEED #GoogleGlass NOW!

Google Glass: #ineedthisnow
Today I learned how Glass works, and got details on the features, functions, and limitations of Glass. I learned where Glass is moving in the future. Why do educators need to know about it? What are the implications of such technology? I determined I NEED it.  Now. 

Here are 10 reasons I need Google Glass!!
- I can get real-time VOICE activated driving directions.  If you know me, you'll know this is critical.
- I can make videos for my students, co-workers, friends, and family demonstrating how to do all the the things around the house I do... like setting up my Google Chromecast, connecting wireless TV receivers, installing printer drivers, etc.  (side note: This will come in handy when I go to summer workshops like #DENSI2014 or any other event and I'm not around to troubleshoot my family's tech issues!)
- I can document all the things I learn quickly and efficiently
- I can update social media more frequently
-I can translate foreign languages
- I can improve my sports abilities
- I can use Apps to help my quality of life improve (such as in the kitchen!)
- I can record myself traveling and share with others
- I can model lessons for other librarians
- I can read books and share stories by sending videos to You Tube

Sign up to be a Glass Explorer-  or just cross your fingers that they'll pick me.  Soon!

Check out this classroom application-
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