Saturday, January 11, 2014

#GAGAFE -Getting Started with Google Apps

Georgia Google Apps for Education Summit 2014:
The Google in Education Southern Summit is all weekend at The Lovett School in Atlanta.  I'll post a few interesting findings over the next couple of days.

Getting Started with Google Apps- w/ speaker Chris Craft-
We are trying to get Google Apps set up for our students to use in conjunction with Edmodo in our 1:1 iPad initiative.

My main takeaways:

Google Apps for Business= $
Google Apps for Education= FREE

You get 30 gig free space w/ Google Apps for Education account (combined mail + docs)- however-- if you create an item in Google is DOES NOT COUNT toward your space!

Use Google Hangouts to archive parent conferences in a private environment on You Tube.  The conferences are easier for busy parents to attend, and you have a video record of the discussion.

DOCTOPUS:  deploy documents to your students all at once- a spreadsheet is also created with links to each student's document.
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Google Sites for e-portfolios-- purchase domain for each child with their name at the end of senior year so they have a complete personal portfolio to take with them. type in any language with new chrome keyboard add-in on top right

Comments in Docs: File Revision history for writing process, highlight text > insert> comment