Saturday, January 11, 2014

#GAGAFE 10 Ways to Drive Google Apps Adoption at Your School

#GAGAFE Georgia Google Apps for Education Summit 2014:
 10 Ways to Drive Google Apps Adoption at Your School- Peter Henrie

  • 1. Plan your adoption and set milestones (example: everyone upload one Power Point file into Google Apps per month)
  • 2. Track usage with Reports (Admin console> Reports> Drive & Docs> hover over graph)
  • 3. Curriculum Focused PD: Transform Current Lessons with GAFE- not use technology for technology's sake
  • 4. Synergyse Google Apps Training: Use Synergyse Google Apps Training- a fee-based service-- it is  interactive, low cost- 10.00 per staff member per year & students are free, online, current & up-to-date training ... when Google changes the training always stays up to date.)
  • 5. Prepare a Rich Template Gallery (Create> Document> File> From Template.. to submit your own, click "submit template" on top right.  In your Admin console you can create your own template gallery for your district.)
  • 6. Identify Administrative Use Cases (Calendar- shared calendar for reserving rooms or resources), Groups ("Google Groups" previous conversations archived, shared mailboxes, discussion groups), Sites (including internal staff portal), Drive (- document repository, data gathering with forms)
  • 7.  Highlight useful 3rd Party Apps
  • 8. Remove Obstacles: Do not give anyone an excuse to not use the new system
  • 9. Teacher Dashboard-- It communicates with your LMS (4.00 per student or 6.00 per student with remote control ~real time observation of tasks~ push out websites to a class~ management factor.  Makes digital classroom safer, easier to set up/use/manage/reset passwords... need a browser policy to only use Chrome browser not firefox or safari)
  • 10. Lead by Example (Don't attach Word Docs, use Google Calendar, what Chrome Extensions do you use regularly?)