Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DEN tour for Media Tech Specialists

Did you know the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is free and has webinars and numerous resources for teachers?
When you log in to your Discovery Ed account, there are 3 main tabs at the top.
The DEN tab has access to numerous webinars.
Sign up today for this session:

Earth Day: The Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill One Year Later 
4/19 1:00 pm
You and your students are invited to join biologist, environmentalist, author and Emmy winner Jeff Corwin to take an in-depth look at the impact of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill as we approach the one-year anniversary. Jeff, who hosts Animal Planet?s The Jeff Corwin Experience, will examine the intricate and wide-spread ecological effects of the spill on life in the surrounding ecosystem and beyond. As a defining moment in environmental history, the oil spill will forever change societal awareness of the relationship between humans and the environment. You and your students will walk away with a better understanding of the role we play in protecting the aquatic habitat of the gulf and the positive impact we can make on the environment every day. Please note that registration for this very special webinar is limited to the first one thousand classrooms.

And the DEN Spring Conference
4/30 9:00 am
Over a thousand educators from all over the country connect during this unique professional development experience where people can attend in-person, online or both! The DEN Virtual Conference provides a unique opportunity to learn powerful ways to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into your instruction as well as discover an abundance of resources to expand your own personal learning network. Attendees have the flexibility to attend the DEN Virtual Conference online or in-person at one of many regional events hosted by the DEN Leadership Councils.