Friday, May 18, 2012

I am proud to be a Discovery Educator DENny Award Winner!

I am so proud that I won a DENny award from The Discovery Educator Network– for my blogging work and help at Georgia DEN events.
I think DEN member David Andrade said it best when he said the DENny Awards are the Oscars for Discovery Education
So once more– If you haven’t joined the DEN or signed up for a Georgia event, or subscribed to the Discovery Educator Network blogs- you are truly in for a treat.  We’d love to have other Georgia Educators join us either online or in person!!  You’ll have access to loads of interesting tech and education tidbits on a daily basis. Many of the ideas I get for my personal blog come from my friends in the DEN.
I’m not even sure who nominated me for this honor,  but I really feel like the entire Georgia DEN team deserves to share the award– we are a great group of educators who work well together and all bring great strengths and knowledge to the table.  Two years ago I was an educator who loved Discovery Education and decided to sign up for the DEN- and I’ve grown tremendously because I jumped in and participated.
Go here and sign yourself up for the DEN if you haven’t... this is your official invitation – everyone is welcome!! :)