Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ION Piano Apprentice Keyboard for ipad

I love Not just because I love strange gadgets, but because I like the 'limited time and limited quantity' once a day philosophy-  they seem to enjoy finding things and marketing them to people who are risk-takers. The site is always interesting.
Today I saw this cool ipad keyboard adapter- it shows you exactly where to place your hands and teaches you to play- you pop your ipad right onto the top and viola- instant piano.
While music teachers might disagree and say the abbreviated keyboard isn't correct, I say it looks like fun, and is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a piano and paying for piano lessons that might not last. And it's 29.99....for the next 5 hours or until sold out. :)

ION iCK05 Piano Apprentice 25-Key Piano Learning System for 30-pin iPad, iPod touch & iPhone

$129.99 77% off List Price
5 hours left - OR - until sold out
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