Friday, April 19, 2013

Everything I know about rolling out a 1:1 iPad initiative: Post 3- Committees

Everything I know about rolling out a 1:1 iPad initiative.

Post 3: Create Committees

We created 4 committees to help manage our project.  Here are the committees and the major tasks each accomplished.  The steering committee members also served on at least one sub-committee.

1. Steering Committee- we called this "iPals"
2. iPad Setup and Management Committee- plan setup of ipads, distribution, tagging, inventory, cases (we ended up with a "case" subcommittee), choose Learning Management System (we chose Edmodo), parent iPad setup team, iPad setup instructions and work day
3. Professional Learning/ Training Committee- create a self-assessment for staff, administer assessment and 'ability group' staff for training, plan training, carry out training, debrief
4. Purchasing and Hardware Committee- select/purchase carts, work with Apple to purchase ipads, select apps,  purchase through volume site, sync ipad carts with mac mini
5. Communication Committee- Plan parent communication, informational website, handouts, permission slips, e-news postings, FAQ site, Q&A link for community, publicity, press releases

Refer to the original post for all posts in this series.  The posts will be active links when they are available.