Thursday, October 3, 2013

Everything I know about rolling out a 1:1 iPad initiative.

Post 5: Cases

We had a "Case Committee."  Cases are critical to the life of the iPads.

We came up with several criteria we wanted to have in our cases, and prioritized the criteria.  We learned LOADS about case manufacturers, case availability, bulk purchasing, features, materials, and ease of setup.
Our ideas:
1. We wanted durability as top priority.  
2. We wanted protection on corners as a priority.
3. We wanted a kickstand/easel of some sort due to the lighting in classrooms and screen glare.
4. The cases had to be affordable.
5. The cases had to be available in our time frame.
6. The cases had to fit in our cart.
7. We preferred a consistent color, but could give this up if needed and wouldn't mind a variety of colors.

We narrowed it down to these four finalists and ordered samples of each.

Griffin survivor•    landscape in kickstand only
•    thicker
•    has plastic cover

Trident AEGIS
•    no kickstand
•    has plastic cover
•    soft plastic corners

Speck candy shell Wrap
•    separates easily - will break
•    corner protection not as good

Otterbox reflex
•    removable cover issue
•    kickstand breaks
•    kickstand on cover and awkward kickstand
•    good corner

iBlaison ArmorBox
•    less expensive
•    no plastic sheet cover

We went with the iBlaison.  However, we have recently noticed kickstands are breaking off with no negligence on the user's part.  We're working with the company on a solution.

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