Sunday, June 23, 2013

Apps and Edmodo: Discover How to Effectively Connect Your Tech Tools

Handout Available at
Join this Edmodo Group Code: mjv36e
Create a Student Educreations Account at

"Apps and Edmodo - How to Effectively Connect Your Tech Tools"

ISTE 2013 BYOD Session presented by Tiffaney Lavoie 

I. Edmodo Group Code

  1.     Sign in to   Click "Join" beside Groups.
  2.     Enter this code: mjv36e
  3.     Refer to our Edmodo group for our session practice activities
  4.     iTunes Download: 
  5.     Google Play Download: 

II. Educreations

  1.      Go to or follow the Edmodo post
  2.      Follow steps to create a sample STUDENT account
  3.      Do not attach the student account to your email
  4.      You should then be subscribed to our ISTE 2013 course
  5.      Only students can be subscribed to a course
  6.      You will also need to create a teacher account - log out as a student first.
  7.      Now create a teacher account.  Attach your email to this account
  8.      Install the Educreations app for iPads: 
  9.      The app and web whiteboard do not function the same

III. QR Codes

  1. - create your own QR codes
  2. Choose data type (typically it’s a website URL)
  3. Paste or type the hyperlink you wish to turn into a QR code
  4. Download the generated QR code (or save the image to your iPad camera roll)

IV.  Scan App

  1. iTunes Download: 
  2. Google Play Download: 

Tiffaney Lavoie, Instructional Technology Consultant