Sunday, June 23, 2013

Geekbumps and Nerdgasms: Tales from the Cutting Edge

Purpose & Objectives
This session will explore the latest and greatest from around the world of technology. From cutting edge learning technologies to flying cars, nothing is off limits! Have you ever wondered what your favorite ISTE presenters are carrying in their own bags? The technologies that they absolutely can't live without? We'll break out the x-ray machine and show you exactly what they're toting around with them. While many of them will have classroom implications, others are just far too cool not to share!
We'll also delve into the impact that crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are having on the geek community and how to get involved. Discover how to join the ranks of the bleeding-edge and support entrepreneurs. Awards will also be given celebrating the best of the ISTE exhibitor floor, and the top technologies for educators (online and offline). Before we wrap up, we'll open up the session to the audience. Sharing will be encouraged, and bonus points will be given to people that bring their own jealousy inspiring gadgets to show off!
Caution: This session may cause heart palpitations, tingling in extremities and a rapid loss of income. Pregnant woman and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the levels of excitement that will be generated during this presentation.
This session will be an over-glorified show and tell for geeks and nerds. We will cover as many widgets, gadgets and technologies as time will allow. Slides, videos, and live demonstrations will all be used. The session may also include special surprise guests sharing their favorite tech.
Supporting Research
Hooked on Gadgets and Happy About It:
Presenter Background
As a former kindergarten teacher and school Director of Technology Steve Dembo is a pioneer in the field of educational social networking. Currently serving as Discovery Education’s Director of Social Media Strategy and Online Community, Dembo was among the first educators to realize the power of blogging, podcasting, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 technologies in connecting educators and creating professional learning communities. He has been instrumental in the explosive growth of the Discovery Educator Network and its online presence at Steve Dembo is a course designer and adjunct professor for Wilkes Unversity where he serves as class instructor for the Internet Tools for Teaching course within the Instructional Media degree program. In 2010, the National School Board Association named Dembo one of "Twenty to Watch," a list honoring individuals finding innovative ways to use technology to increase classroom learning