Thursday, October 27, 2011

My first DEN LC Blog Post!

I'll be posting on Tuesdays to the DEN LC Blog for the State of Georgia-- Sign up to get the blog posts if you haven't yet become a STAR Educator on the Discovery Site!
ALWAYS use the GPB link to access Discovery Education if you work in Georgia.  It sends a vital message that we use the program by counting the number of times we access the site!

Become a STAR educator on the Discovery Site! It's easy, FREE, and you'll have access to numerous resources, ideas, tutorials.  Let's have 100% of our staff become STARS this month! After logging in, click BECOME A STAR EDUCATOR on the top right.  You'll also get free goodies in the mail from time to time.  And who doesn't need free goodies??
To login to DIscovery Education:
1.- Go here:
2.- Scroll down- look on the LEFT side of the page- Login to Discovery using pass code your school media center will provide if you are in Georgia- or use your personal login if you have one.