Thursday, November 15, 2012

14 Great Facebook Groups Every Educator Should Join! From

This is a great post from the website " Educational Technology and Mobile Learning".

1- Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Group

This is the official Facebook group of this blog. It has over 3000 fans constituting a marvelous community of educators. We share on it  every single post that is posted here and sometimes other good reads from elsewhere

2- Educators Using Facebook

This is one of my favorite groups as well. Its members are mainly teachers like you and me deeply engaged in resource sharing.

3- Teachers Sharing Resources and Ideas for The Classroom

As its name indicate this is another Facebook group where teachers share relevant links and materials to be used in the classroom.

4- Educators Network

This is a connected group of committed educators sharing lesson plans, educational resources and many more.

5- Facebook in Education Group

This is a Facebook page for information about how educators can best use Facebook.

6- Scholastic Teachers

This is the official Facebook group of the popular website. It features great resources for teachers and students.

7- K12 INC

This is another useful group for educators . You can use it to keep track of resources pertaining to k12 education.

8- The Cornet Stone for Educators

I love this Facebook page and I am one of its fans too. It provides awesome teaching resources and ideas for teachers to implement in their classrooms.

9- Simple K12

This is the Facebook page of the popular website Simple K12. It provides materials to help teachers build the 21st century learning experience.

10- TED

This is the official page of TED on Facebook. Join it to keep posted about the new releases of TED.

11- Edutopia

If you want some inspiring ideas and creative cues for your education then have a look at this page .

12- The Next Web

This Facebook page is about educational technology news and information.

13-  ISTE

This groups motto is advancing excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology

14- Teaching Resources

I don't think you want to miss this treasure trove of educational resources to use in your classroom