Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Want Infographics? Try Piktochart!
A great, simple site to make infographics--Piktochart! ...although it requires a small fee- it is worth it if you're in need of a simple platform to create infographics.

How to create an Infographic in 5 minutes

How to create an Infographic in 5 minutes> How to create an Infographic in 5 minutes
This page teaches you how to create a Piktochart infographic in 5 minutes (6 steps).

Step 1: Login and select a theme

We will be coming up with a “theme assistant” to help you select a theme, do not worry!
Select a theme on piktochart

Step 2: Customize the colors and fonts to suit your style and preference.

Click on Step 2 –> Colors and that’s about it
Piktochart Customize Infographic

Step 3: Edit your canvas.

Double clicking and editing the text.
Edit text on piktochart

Step 4: Drag and drop.

Reposition some blocks of texts or images if you do not need them.
Piktochart's Drag and drop

Step 5: Upload data visualization.

You can either click on the data visualization tab under 3–> tools –> Data visualization (Charts icon) and manually key in some data or upload a CSV file (export from Excel).
Upload data visualization Piktochart

Step 6: Save and export.

You can export it as Image. To get the highest resolution, zoom into the canvas all the way and then click on “Download as” image.
Save an infographic Piktochart

That’s it!

Additional resources: Watch a demo video below if you are not a screenshots person. Or check out our FAQ-under-development :)