Thursday, November 8, 2012

Evernote 2012 - version 5

Evernote 5 BETA is great if you haven't used Evernote and have no notebooks set up,

create a new notebook or note
notes on

Evernote Skitch- click snap to take a picture then draw on top or type text on top, or take a screen shot of any other app or site. Skitch asks you to log in with your Evernote information.
Go to Evernote site and click drop down for PRODUCTS. - you'll see all the available Evernote items !
Penultimate- app .99-  Person who needs to draw- use a stylus, possibly Bamboo
Choose graph, lined, paper styles, etc.
Save to Evernote when finished

iPevo document camera can now take a picture and send to Evernote! 69.00

Evernote Hello-

Evernote Food- photos of food are geotagged

Evernote Trunk- lists tons of apps that work with Evernote.

Open Evernote and get started!

When you first open Evernote- it asks you to select local or synchronized- go with synchronized.
record your note as it is happening
take snapshot of anything with circle icon
attach a file- drag and drop right in
ipad user using evernote- all will be updated when evernote 5 comes out
organize by TAGGING - notebook sharing- enter an email address of person
premium account is 5.00 a month but there are ways to get it cheaper
kids w email addresses can get free evernote account
text recognition even works on PHOTOS!
Goegraphical Tags also for schools
Every evernote account comes with an email address in settings-- in title of emial you can @ or # any item, for example:
@ideas would put item into your ideas folder
#awesome would tag item as awesome
Information stays in one location
Evernote Web Clipper- Web Browser add-on
When you find a web page you like, click the web clipper icon

evernote clearly- rips outonly the facts and gives me just e article- highlight what you need

You will then see options to add the page to Evernote along with notebook choice and tags