Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GPB's Passion for Learning Blog Spotlights Decatur's 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue

Full Disclosure- this article is about my own school's technology and media program for grades 4-5, which, of course, I think is super fantastic.  It gives a nice insight into a day in my professional life. 

I was shadowed for a day by Rosemary Jean-Louis, the Passion for Learning blogger extraordinaire at Georgia Public Broadcasting.  She's full of insight and ideas about education in Georgia- you should check out her posts and subscribe to her blog feed.  I hope you can take an idea from this post and use it in your school.  Our program is highly fluid and each day brings a change or modification based on student and teacher needs and requests.

Our exceptional district-wide Directors (Instructional Media and Communications, Heather Borowski / Technology, Mary Farmer) truly make Decatur City a great place to work by providing progressive technological opportunities to all of our schools.  The 4/5 Academy is an example of a huge team effort paying great dividends for our students.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 
Technology in Action at the 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue