Thursday, January 3, 2013 Collaborate, Mind Map, Timeline, Infographic- and create projects with a collaborative virtual white board

You had me at "Multi-Color Post-Its".
In my ongoing quest to beta test everything that isn't alive and breathing, I found realtimeboard.  ... a cool way to plan and coordinate group work.   It uses Google Drive document management to collaborate- and  it has a "Prezi" look and feel- so I'll investigate further but it initially seems to be more simple to jump into than Prezi.  You also invite friends to join your board and collaborate by dragging and dropping them into your board.
Although it is still in Beta- and requires Flash, which practically eliminates ipad users, but it is an interesting new product which allows for mind mapping and popping PDF documents in fairly easily.

Easy to manage the big picture with your team

  • Keep your project on one board
  • Layout your business processes
  • Add the documents from GoogleDocs on your board and edit them
  • Let all your team participate in real time
  • Access from any part of the world