Saturday, January 5, 2013

Next Issue Magazine Treasure Chest

I actually saved a little money today!

I bought a subscription to "Next "Issue" after doing the math and figuring I am spending about 40 dollars per month buying magazines.

I would throw magazines into my cart in the supermarket, send off the 'bill me later' cards tucked inside, and simply LOVED to get them out of my mailbox. All shiny and unwrinkled. But I have moved on.

I do recycle my friends when we part ways- but I have trouble letting go. I kept my original "Martha Stewart Living" for YEARS. In fact, now that I think about it, I guess my husband threw them away when I was out of town. Or otherwise distracted.

Anyway- I am now learning to love Next Issue. For around 15.00 per month, I  get dozens of digital interactive copies of excellent publications. (around 75 choices!!!)
I even get about 15 back issues of each mag and I am enjoying this so much.

Next Issue offers a 30 day free trial-- give it a go. The fine print says you can cancel at any time. And remember to download what you need to read in advance- especially if you travel with your ipad as a reading device.