Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Google Hangouts and Comment Tracking #iste2015

Hanging out creates community! Presented by Mr. Scott St. Pierre
http://www.scottstp.com/hangouts/ #scottstp

This would be an excellent news show format for a school. Multiple cameras and angles, moderated questions or comments.  4 hours maximum recording time. You can play video from another place by installing an app. but know that re-broadcasting content (music, video, etc.) on YouTube may be a copyright issue.  You should always have an additional monitor set on YouTube to check and make sure your broadcasted show is working.

Optional Equipment:
Long USB cable and webcam- small tripod (Logitech C920 HD camera approx. 100.00 on Amazon and will mount to a tripod).  You can assign a student to be the camera operator/switcher.  The mic on Webcam is fine for close, but an external USB microphone like a blue snowball mic (60.00 - use long USB cable) is nice.

Initial Setup

  1. Sign up for Google and You Tube account (by default you have YouTube)
  2. Create a YouTube Channel that is managed and add managers (if working within a school district- you maintain complete control)
  3. Set up a Google Hangout on Air (works on ipad but you cannot control it from an ipad-- )
  4. Go to matrix of 9 squares- click Google Plus
  5. Create a Hangout- Click HOME> HANGOUTS 
  6. Decide to start now or later
  7. Default is PUBLIC-- or remove "public" and it will be unlisted on YouTube and you can Invite an audience
  8. Click Share
  9. The Hangout creates an "Event"... To go back in- click Home> EVENTS
  10. Click START when you are ready to start , click AGREE since it will be broadcast on YouTube
  11. Click Start Broadcast at bottom
  12. Comment Tracker on left- try sources" option-- paste in a link to your live broadcast into the  comments, you can also copy a Twitter feed and put in as a source
  13. In Comments Settings you can sort oldest or newest first. Click on a question in comment and click Eyeball- so your question can appear onscreen in place of your picture. You can also pin comments (questions) to find them later

Comment Tracker