Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Follett Product Updates: Lightbox and Playaway Launchpad #iste2025

Follett New Product Announcements- #ISTE2015 

Follett has a new specialized digitally paired book series called Lightbox that links print books to online digital media- the digital content includes quizzes, intervention, geography with Google Maps, videos, images, etc. Currently there are over 120 titles for PK-6... and upper grades including high school will be added soon.  (I will post the list of titles when it is available).  The titles will include fiction and non-fiction.

Lightbox access will be available directly in Destiny Library Manager if you are a Destiny subscriber for all titles you purchase.  The company anticipates selling a hardcover with Lightbox access, then additional softcovers to supplement small groups or whole classes needing access to print copies.

Each book is 40.00 with unlimited, perpetual access, and includes one copy of the book plus all related digital content.  
 Pre-order them here.  Sign up now and receive a 20% discount on your first purchase.

Follett shared another K-3 product called Playaway Launchpad that is also interesting- a mobile device that circulates and has a re-set button when it is returned for easy setup for the next patron.