Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kahoot! Ghost Mode #GhostMode #iste2015 @getkahoot @kahoot

At ISTE 2015 I learned about Ghost Mode using from an awesome and personable co-founder of Kahoot, Jamie Brooker!

He was manning the Kahoot booth in Philadelphia from across the pond and personally greeting visitors + giving away really nice T-Shirts. 
I admired this so much about a company I already love.
I told him my 3rd grade students went home after using Kahoot and ON THEIR OWN they started creating Kahoots to use with their classmates... and did this all year. And are probably still doing this over the summer. 

Here's a blog post from Kahoot! :
"We’re calling this new feature ‘Ghost mode’. When you finish a game of Kahoot! you will see a new ‘Play again’ button that also contains a ghost icon. When you click on the button, the same game is relaunched. As well as your ‘live’ class, all players are joined by their ‘ghosts’! The ghosts play the game alongside live players, and their answers (and answer times) will be exactly the same as those the players entered in the previous game."
You'll see little ghost icons beside the ghost players.  Very exciting! 

P.S.- My 7th grader loves her Kahoot! T-Shirt from the Kahoot booth at #ISTE2015 and wore it proudly while touring Philadelphia!  She uses Kahoot at school in City Schools of Decatur, Georgia and can't wait to try out ghost mode.