Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spreading the Good News: Social Media for Schools #iste2015

Spreading the Good News: Social Media for Schools
Presented by Heather Hurley, Assistant Principal, Arlington Public Schools (Disclaimer: I am quite fond of Heather!)

Recommended  Reading:
The Power of Branding
Show Your Work

Important points to remember:
·      Start SLOWLY!
·      Tell good stories
·      Share something small every day
·      Get out in the school and see what’s happening
·      Don’t be human spam and over-share
·      Give a voice to all stakeholders
·      Make sure you do not re-tweet the same users over and over
·      Use multiple platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
·      Stick around: commit to the plan and don’t stop all of a sudden or discontinue

Jamestown Elementary’s Plan:
Based on a district committee where one representative per school is given a stipend to be social media director
Monthly meetings and trainings for committee members
District Social Media plan
Originally used Facebook, Twitter, Remind, Pinterest:

  • Twitter proved to be most useful and successful
  • Pinterest ended up being adopted by the librarian for sharing books each month that were new to the collection
  • Remind was useful to parents and managed by individual teachers
  • Facebook is launching ion the future

Add-Ons to improve the plan:

·      Nurph- a Twitter clean chat platform for teachers and administrators to facilitate chats in the evenings – a question is posted and a unique hashtag

·      Periscope: Live feed videotaping allowing a post to Twitter. Viewers can comment and also save the feed to their device
·      Flipagram: Several photos can be added and posted online with music, titles, etc.
·      Storify: Makes a story from a Twitter feed based on a particular hashtag
·      Tweetdeck: multiple Twitter accounts can be viewed in one window—Tweets can be scheduled, also great for managing Twitter chats