Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gail Lovely- ABCs, 123s, and WWWs- Primary resources

This one is for the lower grades- Preschool- K - First.... Maybe EIP and SPED...
Gail Lovely is an awesome leader in the area of instructional technology-- I have shared many of her items as sites of the week w/you over the years...
Click here for the entire presentation-- It should open in a few seconds...
Here are a few items that might be worth a try...
Real and Make Believe - gamegoo- Patterns - Art Zone - Musical Sketch Pad - Online projects - The Tooth Fairy count starts January 1st, 2008 - E-Pals projects - - The Spaghetti Book Club - Book reviews for kids by kids.
Great Sites she shared:
For Students:

Between the Lions
Up To Ten
Game Goo
Color Patterns
Shape Patterns
Weather Patterns
More Patterns
Piano Patterns / Sounds
Kids Art Zone
Making Music

Teacher Resources:
Read Write Think
Make your own ABC pages/chart
Beginning Keyboarding
Almost instant Rubrics
PBL checklists
Create an online lesson in Trackstar
General Resources and Links By Subject:
Math - Time
Science with PEEP
Literacy Resource Examples
Vocabulary Development Word Fun
Book Reviews By and For Kids
Lots of Literacy Activities
Make a Robot and then Write about it!