Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Open Source Software-- What is it?

Open Source software- what is it, why would you want to use it- what are the benefits? Opportunity, Flexibility, Choice, Freedom.
Open Source is publicly available software that includes the source code so the community of users has the ability to modify it and contribute to its revision. It is LICENSED and free in the sense that you do not pay for it, but it allows you freedom. Check licenses before modifying, share if you modify, comply with the rules of the developers.
Take a look at High quality- Windows platform software. Launced Oct. 14, 2007. Download and burn as many copies as you want!
Sample programs discussed:
  • Celestia- a great solar system simulator
  • Tux Series- ELEMENTARY software including Tux Paint like Kid Pix, Tux Math Command liek Math Blaster, and Tux 4 Kids. (we are working on getting this for our students here at Sims)- students cannot adjust or modify this software- the setup/config program is a separate file.
  • Open Office- just like MS Office- but free
  • Neo Office Impress- like Power Point
  • Scribus- desktop publishing and PDF Creation
  • the GIMP- image editing program (advanced)
  • Inkscape- liek Adobe Illustrator
  • Blender- make Pixar style movies