Thursday, November 15, 2007

Google Tricks

OK- please read this post and tell me how these tricks might change your life!! is a free site for you-

Did you know you can type a QUESTION into a Google search box and have the answer appear quietly at the top of the search results page? (try it! I typed in what is the capital of Spain?)
Join the Google teacher community by entering your email address on this site...
Type in a math question into the Google search box- and press enter. Guess what happens? Type in the sentence: 1 cup in teaspoons. (what is the answer? I bet Google can figure it out faster than we can!)
Here are a few more wonderful features- you can set up free web pages , use the Google documents/ spreadsheets/ presentation software (similar to Office), Create PDF files (FREE), even set up CUSTOM search engines with sites you PRE-APPROVE for your students to see when using the Internet for research. Of course, we never want to just set kids free on Google to search-- the custom search engine allows you to totally control the sites they get!
There is MUCH more than I can enter here-- email me if you want to get together for a tour of some of these features...
Here is the complete handout from the presentation... (open or save)
--- see anything here that might work in your classroom? Post a reply here!!