Thursday, November 15, 2007

Each topic I want to share with you is a separate "post" below. The first topic is: Technologies for the next 5 Years--- David Pogue

(warning- this info is technical-- feel free to skip this post if it's a little bit confusing, or ask Justin to have lunch with you to discuss,....)
David Pogue was the keynote speaker for Ga ETC this year-- (see more in the post below below)- he described technologies that will, according to him, have the most impact on us in the next 5 years. I'm not endorsing these topics- just sharing with you. As educators, it is always helpful if we stay current on technology- since creative teachers find interesting ways to use all sorts of technology in the classroom...
1. the i-phone. you can watch his hysterical movie on You Tube from home called "i-phone, the musical"- once the most viewed movie on You Tube. i-phones will be much more popular in about 4 years...
2. RFID--Radio Frequency ID Tags-- which would allow library users to simply walk out of the library as long as they are carrying their library card-- the books would automatically be checked out to them...-- Cathy & Donna- can you imagine library inventory where you just run around the room w/ a wand and you're done in 10 minutes?
3. Voice Over IP- cheaper alternatives for phones such as Vonage or Skype
4. Voice to Text-- your voice mails can now be automatically transferred to text or emails and sent to you. Companies such as Simulscribe, Callwave
5. Sling Box type technologies-- take your TV shows with you when you travel- control your home TV from anywhere w/ computer or mobile phone.

How much do you know (or want to know) about these? Post a comment!'